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Kindle Erotica Newsletter July 20th 2017

New Releases

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DEFILED A Dark Bad Boy Romance (Wicked Bones MC) by April Lust
DEFILED: A Dark Bad Boy Romance (Wicked Bones MC) by April Lust #Dark #Crime #Romance
She hired me to protect her. But I’m going to ruin her instead. Bare naked and dripping wet – that’s the only way for a girl like her to be. And when she’s tied up in front of me, I just can’t help but dive in.
She thought she had problems before I arrived. But some pervy little stalker is nothing compared to a man like me.
Unlike him, I’m not content to just creep in the shadows and watch her. I need to touch. To taste. To take total f*cking control.
And I’m not going to rest until I have it. Correction: until I have her.
We can play this game of pretend for a little bit. She pretends not to want me. I’ll pretend to keep my head down and do my job.
But we both know the truth: As soon as the lights go down, I’m coming to take what’s mine.
Mind, body, soul – she belongs to me now. And I’m gonna find her breaking point.
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Lost Wolves Books 1-3 Omega in the Shadows (Lost Wolves One), Omega in the Light (Lost Wolves Two), Omega's Destiny (Lost Wolves Three) by Zoe Perdita
Lost Wolves Books 1-3 by Zoe Perdita #MM #Paranormal #Romance
Omega in the Shadows (Lost Wolves Book 1)
Rowan Gregor is a CIA agent who vows never to get close to another wolf after his pack is brutally murdered by hunters. Enter Elijah Kane, an efficient and shadowy omega assassin on the run from the CIA. When Rowan is tasked with hunting down Kane, he ends up at the mercy of a wolf with nothing left to lose – a wolf who is sure Rowan is his mate – even when Rowan is sure he's not gay.
Trapped in a snowy wilderness and besieged by hunters, desire sizzles between Elijah and Rowan. Can they overcome their differences, and their pasts, and forge a bond to save their future?

Omega in the Light (Lost Wolves Book 2)
One terrible mistake cost Zev Oren his family, his place as pack alpha and his future. Living as a disgraced mercenary and beset by guilt, Zev is sure things can't get much worse. Then he meets Simeon Kane, the omega assassin sent to kill him. Simeon's presence wakes a passion Zev tried to bury years ago, but that passion could keep Zev from ever returning home. Because in order to do so he must regain his honor, clean up his act and deny he's gay.
While fighting assassins, hunters and a murderous warlord is easy – falling in love isn't. Can Zev and Simeon repair their shattered souls and give in to the bond set by fate?

Omega's Destiny (Lost Wolves Book 3)
Maxim Reznik is the alpha king of a land ravaged by war from without and traitors from within. The barrier that keeps his shifters safe from attacking humans is on the brink of collapse, and the only one who can save his kingdom is the wolf who betrayed Maxim years before – his omega and ex-lover – Sasha Volkav.
When Sasha severed their mate bond, Maxim never thought he'd see the omega wolf again. Now Maxim has a wife, a kingdom and a mess of responsibilities, but Sasha needs Maxim's help. While Sasha ignites old passions Maxim swore died years ago, trusting the omega is a different matter entirely.
Lust sizzles between Sasha and Maxim, but can they repair their severed bond and fall in love again before it's too late?
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Violent Delights (Violent, #1) by Linnea May
Violent Delights (Violent #1) by Linnea May #BdSM #Dark #Abuse
She agreed to play. She agreed to be mine. I won't let her change the rules of the game. Violence has always been part of my life. I was angry as a child, underchallenged and neglected, with no outlet for my dangerous rage.
Years have passed, and I’m no longer a victim of my own aggression. I’m in control now. A control that many seek to surrender. Just like her. My Pet. The beautiful blonde who agreed to submit to my will.
She agreed to be kidnapped and locked away until our contract is over. She’s here to play a role. But her defiance seems too real, her terror too honest. Watching her struggle is bone-chilling.
She’s getting to me like no one ever has before, seizing a heart that cannot love. Or so I thought...
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Lust and Love by Edith Ashworth
Lust and Love by Edith Ashworth #AgeDifference #Romance #Novella
Lust brings them together…
Mitch was a stranger, a convict, and twice her age. He took her innocence and her heart. He left her with a promise and pregnant with his son.
Cowardice would keep them apart…
Summer raised their son alone. Three years later, they meet once again. He broke her heart and a broken heart is not easily mended.
Love will save them…
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Heal Me (Men of Eros Inc. Club Surrender #1) by A.C. NixonHeal Me (Men of Eros Inc.: Club Surrender #1) by A.C. Nixon #BdSM #Dark #Romance
Fascination. Pleasure. Submission.
Depravity is my business, and trust me, it’s lucrative. The penthouse on Lake Michigan, the women, the cars, the access, all of it—the embodiment of every boy’s fantasy. Not bad for a kid voted most likely to wind up on death row.
Life is sweet and simple, or it was until a certain voluptuous waitress took residence in my fantasies. I’m a man used to getting what I want, and delectable Ryann is about to find herself on the menu.
If you enjoy dirty talking millionaires and a woman ready to take a walk on the wicked side, you’ll love A.C. Nixon’s chronicle of love, lust, and adventure.
Welcome to Club Surrender—embrace the pain.
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Hawk's Call (Bad Boy #1) by Simone CarterHawk's Call (Bad Boy #1) by Simone Carter #Suspense #Romance
Robyn felt like she’d lost her little sister Crystal when she ran off and married Guts. She was only 18 years old and she'd not heard from her in over a month.
But one night, she got a phone call from Crystal asking for help. Unfortunately the call was cut off when Guts caught her on the phone. Robyn was frantic. She was her only family and she was determined to find her.
Robyn took what little money she has and headed to Nashville. She checks into a shabby rundown motel. It’s all she can afford. She grabs a paper and looks for jobs but doesn’t see anything that suits her. The manager of the motel gives her a lead on a job at a biker bar nearby.
Hawk’s House is known for its biker customers and live music. It’s a rough and tumble kind of place but Crystal is desperate. So, she checks it out.
How bad could it be?
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