I contacted Lilith after seeing the help she had given to other authors. Whilst not a new writer, I am very new to the world of marketing and presenting both myself and my books to the world and I really have no experience of either. So I was very aware that I had no idea what I was doing. Lilith and I discussed my requirements, the sort of things I wanted to achieve and needed help with. She was very open and honest and did a lot of great work for me. I also feel that I've learned a lot from her and made some good connections. I would recommend her to anyone who feels the need to have their hand held through book releases or marketing. ~ E. C. Jarvis
To anyone who self-publishes, let's face it, there's one dirty word we shudder at every time we need to do it: blurb. When I asked Lilith to help me with mine, I thought she'd say "perfect, I just wanna read the book" like everyone else - but let's face it, we don't need praise, we just need to improve what we have. We've written thousand of words and it's so difficult to summarize them in two hundred... Well, Lilith was a godsend. She pointed out all the weaknesses and suggested little improvement until my blurb was pretty amazing. I totally recommend working with her!
~ May Sage, Amazon Best Selling Author
Lilith has always been a great help to me. As my beta-reader and editor she shows a great insight in realistic and believable story lines as well as character psychology. What I am especially grateful for is that she does not beat around the bush but addresses potential problems right on. Nonetheless Lilith is a great supporter throughout the whole process of creating a book, which includes story development, formatting and publishing, but also writing a fitting blurb, helping with finding the right title, and much more. She has also a vast knowledge of the technological aspects of publishing/printing and the web and is also very generous with sharing it. ~ D. S. Wrights

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