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Kindle Erotica July 17th 2017

New Releases

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Permission A Dark Bad Boy Romance by Mia Wylder
Permission: A Dark Bad Boy Romance by Mia Wylder #Dark #Romance
I’ve got a secret.
One big, filthy secret, but the moment I lay eyes on him, I know he can help me. That he can make things right. Because I’m tired of being treated like porcelain. I want a dirty, gritty bastard. A man who’ll tell me how much he f*cking hates my expensive perfume as he pulls my hair and breaks me.
And he just so happens to be the one.
I want his discipline.
His approval.
His permission.
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Kane (A Skull Crawlers MC Romance Book 1) by Dana Centiago
Kane (A Skull Crawlers MC Romance Book 1) by Dana Centiago #Crime #Romance
He was crazy, dangerous, and impulsive. I knew who he was.
A man with secrets, he wasn’t an innocent.
President of the Skull Crawlers MC, I didn’t want anything to do with him.
I wanted him. But I hated him, too.
A Kindergarten teacher and a Biker. It would never work.

She was beautiful and I wanted her.
I didn’t want to give another man the chance of taking her from me.
Her innocence, her vulnerability was Fire to my Ice, it soothed calmed me.
So different from me, yet I found her utterly irresistible.
She was the light to my darkness. I wasn’t willing to give her up, and I was determined to make her mine.
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Emma's Surrender by Amelia Smarts
Emma's Surrender by Amelia Smarts #Dark #BdSM #Western
When twenty-year-old Emma Brookstone arrives in the town of Bannack, Montana, she seeks out the local marshal, intending to enlist his help in uncovering the truth regarding her father's murder two years earlier. Upon meeting the marshal, however, she is shocked and dismayed to discover that he is none other than the man who gunned her father down that fateful night.
Though Clive Brookstone was an evil man who needed killing, the knowledge that he left a young woman orphaned tore at Nathan Haskin's conscience from the moment he pulled the trigger, and he has secretly provided for Emma's needs since that day. Certain that hearing about her father's legacy of lawless violence would break her heart, he concealed it from her, but now that she has returned to Bannack her persistence eventually prompts him to tell her the full story.
To make matters more complicated, Nathan finds his desire to protect Emma quickly growing into a powerful need to tame and possess her, and when her foolish behavior puts her safety at risk he doesn't hesitate to take her in hand and spank her soundly. His stern chastisement leaves her furious yet helplessly aroused, and it isn't long before he claims her hard and thoroughly.
In her heart, Emma knows what Nathan tells her is true--that her father's death was just--but writhing in ecstasy as she is utterly dominated by the man who killed him fills her with shame nonetheless, and she does her best to deny her lust for the handsome marshal. Will the day ever come when she can put aside the past and surrender herself fully to the man she once hated?
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Hot for the Fireman (Boston Heat, #1) by Gina L. Maxwell
Hot for the Fireman (Boston Heat #1) by Gina L. Maxwell #Romance
Ex-Army Ranger Erik Grady lives for the job. So when his chief at the Boston Fire Department offers him two choices—mandated therapy for supposed PTSD or a permanent desk job at the station, he reluctantly agrees to see a shrink. Only this doctor is unlike anything he expected. Female and curved in all the right places? Check. Hotter than a four-alarm fire? Check. The kind of woman that can heat his blood in and out of bed? Check, check. And oh, yeah, he just happens to have first hand experience...
Of all the men to walk into psychologist Olivia Jones' office, why did it have to be him? Her one-night stand isn't playing by the rules of just. One. Night. She’s had her heart broken in the past, and no way is she going there again. And now he's blackmailing her into three dates? Well, if that's what it takes to make him see a different therapist, fine. She can handle it. So what if the chemistry between them is combustible? She's a professional, damn it. She'll date Mr. I'm Too Sexy For My Bunker Pants. But it won’t end in the fun he expects.
It’s time to see how much heat this fireman can take...
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Ruthless (Mob Boss, #1) by Michelle St. JamesRuthless (Mob Boss #1) by Michelle St. James #Dark #Crime
Two years out of college, Angelica Bondesan spends her time working as a barista, keeping in touch with her prodigal brother, and trying to figure out how to bridge the gap with her father, a wealthy real estate developer.
But all of that changes the night she’s kidnapped. Thrown into a windowless room, Angelica is positive there’s been some kind of mistake — until she meets Nico Vitale.
Gorgeous and frightening, Nico became the boss of New York City’s Vitale crime family after the execution style murder of his parents two years earlier. Since then he’s turned the old-school mob into a sleek, modern army of ruthless men who understand that physical violence — while always an option — isn’t the only way to get what you want.
Now Angel is forced to face the truth;
Her father is not the man she believed him to be.
Nico Vitale is dangerous, possibly lethal.
She is falling in love with Nico Vitale.
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His Wicked Games (His Wicked Games, #1) by Ember CaseyHis Wicked Games (His Wicked Games #1) by Ember Casey #Romance
Trapped with a billionaire in his mysterious mansion... Can she beat him at his own game?
Lily Frazer would do anything to save the Frazer Center for the Arts--even take on the infamous billionaire Calder Cunningham. When Lily breaks onto the Cunningham estate, she only wants to find and reason with Calder. (All right, all right, she wants to punch him, too, but that's Plan B.) As it turns out, the arrogant billionaire is willing to give her the money he promised, but there's a catch: she must win it from him.
Lily won't give up the money without a fight, but she quickly discovers that there's more to the attractive, brooding Calder than she initially perceived. To make matters even more complicated, their games of cat and mouse are becoming increasingly intense, and she suddenly finds herself confused by her own emotions. Can she deny her attraction long enough to win the money she needs? What happens if her feelings for Calder begin to overcome her hatred for the things he's done?
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