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Kindle Erotica April 14th 2017

New Release

Mercenary by Michelle HorstMercenary by Michelle Horst #Dark #Novella
I’ve always been a healer, a saver of lives, until the day my life is taken from me. A drunk driver destroyed my life and got away with a slap on the wrist.
Where children used to be happy to see me, they now run from me.
I want him to pay, to suffer just like I’m suffering. I want him dead.
I used to be scared of my neighbor. But since the switch in me is flipped and I’ve become this monster, I’m drawn to him like a moth is drawn to a flame. He’ll burn me - just like the flame will turn the moth into nothing but ashes – and I’m okay with that as long as I get my revenge.

I deal in death. Killer. Assassin. Mercenary. I go by many names.
I miss the smell of baking that used to come from her apartment. I see the hate festering in her eyes, killing the light that shone so bright. It lit the darkness in me.
I used to be a killer until that car hit her. It woke something in me, a need to save her.
How does a wolf save a lamb without the darkness in him devouring the little light that’s left in her?
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Witch’s Mate Book 4 of the True Mates Series A Billionaire Werewolf Shifter Paranormal Romance by Alicia Montgomery
Witch’s Mate (True Mates #4) by Alicia Montgomery #Paranormal #Standalone
When a chance encounter with Liam Henney sparks instant lust, Lara Chatraine discovers that the Lycan Alpha may be her True Mate. Lara Chatraine was born with special powers, but it comes with a price: a curse, one that would put Liam in danger if they pursued their attraction. Determined to protect him, she resists his advances and keeps the knowledge of their true connection to herself.
As Alpha to the most powerful clans on the West Coast, Liam Henney has a duty to his family and his people, not only to protect them, but also to produce the next Lycan heir. But, weeks after their passionate encounter, Liam can’t get Lara out of his mind. The normally constrained and reserved Liam has had one thing on his mind – to possess the bewitching beauty and make her his.
When members of the San Francisco clan turn up dead, suspicion turns to the bloodthirsty mages. Liam and Lara must work together to stop Master Mage Stefan, and take him down before he harms more people and exposes the existence of Lycans and witches to the world. As Liam breaks down her defenses and stokes her desires, can Lara keep him safe from her curse and defeat the mages before it’s too late?
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While They Watch by Sosie FrostWhile They Watch by Sosie Frost & Lana Grayson #Menage #BdSM
You don't belong here...
Unless you belong to me.
Duchess isn’t a club for girls like you.
It isn’t safe for those too innocent, too inexperienced.
Especially curious little virgins.
But I can train you…
I can tease you. Teach you.
Punish you.
I will show you the true meaning of pleasure.
Are you brave enough, pet?
There is one little catch.
This club caters to a very specific desire…
They will hear your every mew.
They will see your every tremble.
They will know exactly when I make you mine.
You belong to me, little one.
And this is how I prove it.
When you offer me your innocence, I will take you…
While They Watch.
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The Ravager Chronicles The Complete Series by Sara PageThe Ravager Chronicles: The Complete Series (The Ravager Chronicles #1 - 4) by Sara Page #Menage #SciFi #Bundle
The fate of the entire universe rests upon the shoulders of one young princess and her four alien mates.
It all starts with a crash and one word - Mine .
This box set contains the complete Ravager Chronicles series. It includes in order: Princess SOS, The Dark Princes, The Other Side, and Queen of the Ravagers.
Destiny is calling...
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Stolen Innocence (Becoming Elena #1) by Melody AnneStolen Innocence (Becoming Elena #1) by Melody Anne #Dark #BdSM #Abuse
Every master was once a student – every woman was once a child …
What makes a person forget their entire identity? What makes them become someone else? What makes them desire pain … control … and ultimately pleasure? It’s not anything that happens overnight, over even in a few weeks. Tragedy beyond what a human can possibly imagine will forever alter Mary’s future.
Mary’s life is boring, conservative and typical. She wants adventure, thrills and so much more. But she will soon learn to be careful what to wish for when she’s taken against her will and thrust into the twisted world of a powerful man who doesn’t care if she lives or dies.
When Mary starts becoming Elena, she does find a savior, but is he truly the person who will protect her, or will he be the one to escort her straight into the pits of hell?
Forgetting who she is or where she belongs, she learns she can trust no one, rely on only herself, and fall further than she ever thought possible. She will become someone else and the cycle will begin. She will become the person who will eventually change the life of so many others. Some might say the change is good, the violence is necessary. And some will cry for this tragedy that should have been stopped.
Just when you think you know how it all came about, how it will end, you will be floored again by who can be trusted … and who can’t.
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Captive Captive Bk 1 by Parker MayhemCaptive: Captive Bk 1 (Captive #1) by Parker Mayhem #Dark #BdSM #Novella
Freed from hell, only to be trapped in a nightmare.
Skylar’s life was a drug addled mess until her long distance mistress insisted she leave her shady past and move in. Now, in a new city, Kallie bends the rules to get Skylar a job so she can keep an eye on her and keep her under control. Life is a fantasy.
But when their kinky games leave the bedroom, their boss, Luce Sullivan, learns about their dirty little secret, and threatens them with their jobs. Skylar's brand new life could be wrecked in an instant, and Kallie will go down with her, unless Skylar submits to a new mistress.
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