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Kindle Erotica December 26th 2016

New Release

Paint It All Red (Mindf*ck Series Book 5) by S.T. Abby Paint It All Red (Mindf*ck Series Book 5) by S.T. Abby #Dark
Hush, little baby, don't say a word...
Will Logan choose them? Or will we watch them burn together?
It's time to fuck with their minds.
It's time to finish it all.
It's time to paint it all red...
Monsters don't usually wish for happily-ever-afters.
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What She's Looking for by Trent Evans What She's Looking for by Trent Evans #BdSM #Menage
What if the very thing you crave is that which you most fear?
Ashley is a woman running from her past - and from herself. Ten years of marriage to a man who took his dominance too far has left her scared, but defiant ... determined, yet desperate.
Knowing what she doesn't want, but not knowing what she really needs, she moves West, seeking to rebuild her life, for once in control of herself. But inside she suspects it's that control itself that's the real problem - she doesn't want it. Any of it.
In a beautiful resort town in central Washington, she meets two gorgeous men; the stern, dangerous Parker, and the dark, brawny Drake. Can she risk herself again, surrender to the forbidden pleasure of being subject to these men? Or is the possibility of having her heart broken yet again too much to chance?
In the arms of not one, but two, strict Dominant men, can she find the peace she's looked for all her life? The peace she's only found in the bonds of utter submission, the taboo pleasure of being the property of two men at once?
Or, as she learns more about these mysterious men, will she realize that it's not only her heart at risk?
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Wreck (DirtSlap Series #2) by Ashlynn Pearce Wreck (DirtSlap Series #2) by Ashlynn Pearce
Will butterflies be his salvation?
Ethan Tackett is a nightmare. Big as life and in your face, he makes no apologies for who he is…an orphan who grew up fighting for survival. He ends up in Nashville, the lead singer of DirtSlap—a band of misfits much like himself. He owns the stage, unleashing his demons and pain into every lyric. But when alone, the horrors of his past haunt him. Peace eludes him, until a chance taste of perfect lips.
Shelby Renner’s life is a farce. None of it real and none of it her choosing. She escapes Houston’s high society to take care of her deceased grandmother’s home in Nashville and discovers a whole other world…including Ethan. His bold tattoos and lip ring fascinate her. His dimples lure her in. Nothing feels more honest and alive than his black gaze on hers.
But the past closes in, threatening their fragile bond. Can two damaged souls dig through the wreckage to find a life together?
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Claimed By The Cowboys (Billionaire Western Cowboy Menage Contemporary Romance) by Jenny Klaire Claimed By The Cowboys: (Claimed By The Cowboys #1-2 with extra) by Jenny Klaire #Western #Menage
Rose's plans for a normal, perfect life ended up anything but.
Many months after her husband's passing, she takes a job at a dude ranch, purely because of the revolving door of wanna-be cowboys that she knows are looking for the full cowboy experience, including a warm, willing, no-strings-attached woman warming their bunk at night.
Only Rose didn't expect that it would be the ranch's owners who would claim her attentions instead. Hot brothers Cade and Kevin, together, keep Rose way busier than any dude ranch guests ever could. The billionaire cowboys each run one part of the ranch's operation. Kevin runs the working ranch, taking care of the cattle and such, while Cade controls the dude ranch portion, but Rose soon discovers a third income stream the two rich cowboys hadn't revealed in the hot interview process...
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Darling Dark (Infernal Regions #1) by Natalie Bennett Darling Dark (Infernal Regions #1) by Natalie Bennett #Dark #Fantasy
Trapped in a dark world inhabited by savages and ruled by the corrupted --Duvessa finds herself bound to a tyrant. Day in and day out she bears witness to just how cold and vicious her husband-to-be truly is. His iron fist rule strikes fear in the masses.
Reyes is ruthless and volatile --he incites both fear and inexplicable passion among those in his wake. Just as her feelings for the seductively cruel Reyes begin to grow, she learns nothing is as it appears to be. With already so much to fear, could there be something darker, more sinister lying in wait?
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Abduction (Forever Deals) by Nicole Hatfield Abduction (Forever Deals) by Nicole Hatfield #Dark
Audrey Green's life was going nowhere fast. She didn't think things could get any worse until a stranger at a door proved her wrong.
Mistaken for another woman, Audrey is abducted and thrown into a situation she thought possible only in the movies.
Upon discovering the identity of her gorgeous yet arrogant captor, Audrey is forced to make the hardest decision of her life: Fight for her freedom... or stay and be rewarded.
A simple choice with a huge reward.
Easy decision, right?
Or will her choice and her captor's secret ultimately lead to more danger than she could ever be prepared for?
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The Black Room The Deleted Door by Jasinda Wilder The Black Room: The Deleted Door (The Black Room #8.5) by Jasinda Wilder & Jade London #Dark
Once you enter, anything goes. No fantasy--however dark and dirty and depraved it may be--is forbidden. You have no past, no inhibitions, no morals...and no memory.
All you have to cling to is the memory of a scorching touch, a searing kiss, the wet slide of skin on skin, and the heat of breath across your flesh.
Step forward...
Turn the knob...
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