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Kindle Erotica December 25th 2016

New Release

Tamed by Linnea May Tamed by Linnea May #NewAdult
The more that stands between us, the more I want her.
Love isn't something I'm capable of feeling, but if a marriage is what it takes to become my father’s successor and save my family’s fortune from ruin, then it'll have to be arranged.
However, I have a reputation and for good reason.
I can’t be tamed.
My despicable bride-to-be couldn’t care less about it. This is all for show. It’s a marriage of convenience for her.
I just need to play it safe until the wedding is over.
But then she shows up. The cute pianist, hired to play at my engagement party. Sweet Elodie. Shy, innocent and virtuoso - off limits and impossible for me to claim.
Elodie is a sweet risk and a challenge like no other. Her weak attempts at fending me off only fuel my greedy hunger.
She’ll be mine. Even if that means putting everything I’ve worked for on the line.
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Deviant Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance, #3 ) by Brenda Trim Deviant Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance #3) by Brenda Trim &Tami Julka #Vampires
Of all the Dark Warriors, Kyran Tarakesh is the most aberrant. Having witnessed the brutal murder and rape of his mother seven centuries ago, his sexual preferences are twisted and perverse. He walks the razors edge of control and he likes it that way, until he loses that balance and accidentally kills one of his lovers. As second in line to the Vampire throne, he is precariously close to losing his position, not to mention the respect of his brother and fellow warriors. Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse, the Goddess proves him wrong. With her wicked sense of humor, the Goddess catapults him to the dragon realm of Khoth with Mackendra Callaghan, the very human he has been lusting about for months since meeting her. Mackendra not only plunges a knife deep into his heart, she flees and fights him at every turn, inflaming his desires. The surprises keep coming when he discovers she is his Fated Mate. Every belief he has ever had about intimacy is called into question when his mate gives him a taste of true pleasure for the first time. The passion that burns between them is hot enough to burn them to cinders, but he still must dispel her prejudices about vampires and break through her barriers or lose the other half of his soul forever.
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Cocky Prick A Bad Boy Romance by Tessa Thorne Cocky Prick: A Bad Boy Romance by Tessa Thorne
I've always left women hungry for more, but she has me starving.
If a man finds me in his shadow, he better say his prayers. If a woman is lucky enough to find herself in my bed, she better hold on tight for the hottest night of her life. She won’t get another one.
I had no desire to change. Until the day she walked into the bar.
Caitlyn O’Connor was just another client. But one look at her luscious curves, and I knew I had to have her. I wanted to see those plump, soft lips moaning my name as I took her like I knew she needed.
One touch was all it took. And for once, I wanted more.
She’s got a psycho ex-husband after her, and a kid stuck in the middle of it. With nowhere to run, I’ll be the man she needs me to be. I’m cocked and ready to shoot.
But there's a problem; her ex wears a badge. I lay a finger on him, and we’ll have the entire NYPD up our asses.
But I’ve sworn to protect her and I don’t break my word. I’ll kill anyone who tries to hurt her.
I’m addicted to her touch and I’m not letting go.
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Enthrall Secrets (Within Enthrall, #2) by Vanessa Fewings Enthrall Secrets (Within Enthrall #2) by Vanessa Fewings #BdSM
The promise of salvation.
That was his offer. If I surrendered completely.
I'd be rewarded with nothing less than my very own salvation. And I needed it. Quite simply, I was drowning until billionaire Danton Belfort swept me up into his world. His unmatched reputation for mastering submissives was legendary.
His methods cruel, yet beautiful. Commanding, yet delicate. He was willing to do whatever it took to reach beyond my veil of pain and ensure a transformation that would render me reborn as the most dazzling of dominatrixes. If the process didn't obliterate me.
All I had to do was survive. Survive him. Survive myself.
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Power of the Fae by Ariel Marie Power of the Fae (The Mirrored Prophecy #1) by Ariel Marie #Fantasy
The Ancients spoke of a Mirrored Prophecy that would determine the future. One version of the prophecy spoke of a small female of mixed heritage giving birth to a child that will save mankind. The other side of the prophecy spoke of the female’s child being the demise of the world.
The Princess of the Light Fae, Arlina Waldmar, may be small but she is deadly. She is a member of the elite Guardians of the Fae. She has been given the assignment of going to the human realm to investigate the vanishing supernaturals.
Colin MacKenzie, Alpha wolf, has determined that finding a mate is not in his future. His people are vanishing. He will need to lead his Legion, defenders of werewolves to find them. His wolf has recognized a certain dark haired Faery Princess to be his mate, but he refuses to claim her.
There is an evil set on destroying the Human and Faery realms. Colin and Arlina must work together to defeat this evil. His thoughts are constantly on Arlina. Arlina knows there is no fighting the attraction between them. Can she convince him to give them a chance before it’s too late?
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Journey into Danger (Journey Trilogy, #1) by Ali Reynolds Journey into Danger (Journey Trilogy #1) by Ali Reynolds #BdSM
Lia Deynes embarks on her first BDSM relationship. Although she thinks she knows what she is getting into, not everything is as it seems. Will Lia's Dom, who has promised to take care of her and protect her, hold true to his word or be the catalyst of Lia's journey into danger?
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One Dance for Case (Possessed #2) by K.L. Donn One Dance for Case (Possessed #2) by K.L. Donn #Military
Broken beyond repair…
Sergeant Casey John Risley: amputee, war Veteran, recovering alcoholic.
Jealousy consumes him. Bitterness leaves him pushing everyone he loves away.
Thrown out like trash…
Evelyn Paige Moore: dancer, shy introvert, high school dropout.
Abandoned at an early age by a mother who couldn’t care less about her, Evelyn finds an escape in ballet. With no formal training, and a love for the art, she knows what she wants to be. Circumstances prove she has to settle instead for the pole. Finding her long lost sister and her son, she thinks she’s finally found a semblance of happiness, only she still feels empty.
Two broken pieces…
A misunderstanding nearly tears them apart before they truly get to have their own happily ever after. If Ev let’s go of the pain of abandonment, will Case open up to her? Or will they be stuck in the past forever?
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