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Kindle Erotica December 22nd 2016

New Release

Wicked Impulse (ALFA Private Investigations #3) by Chelle Bliss Wicked Impulse (ALFA Private Investigations #3) by Chelle Bliss #Crime
Bear's story...
There’s only one thing worse than dating a friend’s sister—sleeping with his mother.
Fran DeLuca’s known for her bossy, overbearing personality almost as much as for her love of nylon tracksuits. But when someone runs off with fifty thousand dollars, she becomes involved in an ALFA investigation and catches the eye of silver fox biker, Bear.
Bear North, ALFA’s resident bad boy, has never thought of Fran as anything more than his buddy’s mom. When she trades in her elastic pants and orthopedic tennis shoes for a pair of skintight jeans and high heels, he takes notice of the fifty-something MILF.
When the money trail leads closer to Fran than expected, Bear takes charge of the investigation and will do anything to protect her. Can Bear track a thief, claim Fran, and keep Morgan DeLuca in the dark long enough to solve the case?
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That Man Trilogy (That Man, #1-3) by Nelle L'Amour That Man Trilogy (That Man #1-3) by Nelle L'Amour #Humor
There's a new beautiful player in town...
Blake Burns, the scorchin' hot head of SIN-TV, who goes through women like some go through water. Until he meets Jennifer McCoy, his outspoken new assistant and development executive.
Newly engaged Jennifer has no idea that her devastatingly gorgeous new boss is the man she kissed, blindfolded, in a game of Truth or Dare. That kiss, that man, that beautiful stranger she cannot forget.
Blake hasn't been able to stop thinking about that kiss either...and he'll do anything to win Jennifer --even if it means being a beautiful bastard and breaking all the rules.
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Hold Me by Talia Ellison Hold Me by Talia Ellison #Suspense #Dark
All Lilith wants is to forget a traumatic breakup and move on, but that’s easier said than done, especially when her ex-boyfriend’s cruel words keep haunting her. Intent on proving her ex wrong, Lilith hires an escort.
Handsome, charming, and attentive, Caleb is everything Lilith ever wished for, and soon she wants to be more than just his client. But Caleb hides a dark secret, and if Lilith wants to save him from the life he’s been forced into, she will have to enter the dangerous world of organized crime and risk everything, including her own life.
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Shameless (Playboys in Love, #1) by Gina L. Maxwell Shameless (Playboys in Love #1) by Gina L. Maxwell
People say I'm shameless. They're right.
I like my sex dirty. It takes a hell of a lot to tilt my moral compass, and I always follow when it's pointing at something I want. That goes double when it points straight at the one girl in all of Chicago who's not dying for a piece of me.
She's all I can think about, and that's a problem, because she wants nothing to do with me. But I've seen her deepest secrets, her darkest fantasies, and they match mine to a fucking T.
I want her. Bad.
Now I need to show her how good it can be shameless.
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In Too Deep (Roommates Trilogy, #1) by Mara Jacobs In Too Deep (Roommates Trilogy #1) by Mara Jacobs #NewAdult
I didn’t believe in love at first sight, until I first saw Lucas Kade.
I was giving swimming lessons to children when I first saw him. Turns out one of the kids was Lucas’s little brother. So, I’d be seeing a lot more of Lucas. And that was just fine with me.
I had a lot going on—a freshman at an elite college, first time away from home, and, oh yeah, roommates with a girl I’d been sent to spy on. I wasn’t exactly looking for anything exclusive. Something casual, though, would be great.
But there was nothing casual about my feelings for Lucas.
He was a townie, hiding a secret, and I knew better than to get involved. I was always the sensible one, the peacekeeper.
Before I knew it…I was In Too Deep.

Stroked (Stroked, #1) by Meghan Quinn Stroked (Stroked #1) by Meghan Quinn #Humor #Sports
Reese King: Olympic medalist, underwear model, Greek god.
His body is chiseled from rock, sculpted by the weight room, and refined by water.
On a daily basis his skin is completely bare for everyone to see, tan and defined, only covered up by a minuscule piece of spandex. There is no denying his sex appeal.
I hate to admit it, but I’m head over heels infatuated with him.
There is one HUGE problem though. His achingly gorgeous abs, inked up arm, and cocky swagger belong to my boss, the high-profile, reality star bitch from hell and certified heinous human being, Bellini Chambers.
What I think is going to be an easy job assisting a glorified wench turns into a cluster f*ck of epic proportions.

Fly (Velocity, #1) by Molly McLain Fly (Velocity #1) by Molly McLain #Sports #Humor
Meet Colton Wade, FMX rider...
I'm just a small town guy who caught a lucky break. Now I'm living the dream, on the brink of high-flying super-stardom. But something's missing.
That something is Taylor.
She's my best friend. The one who makes me want to push harder and higher. The one I fall back on when shit gets tough. The one I'd give it all up for.
I'd do anything to protect her. To make her dreams come true too.
But a single night changes everything.
And now the one she needs protection me.
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