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Kindle Erotica December 21st 2016

New Release

Graham (Emerson Wolves, #6) by Kathi S. Barton Graham (Emerson Wolves #6) by Kathi S. Barton #Paranormal #Novella
Ramsey had given up on family and love a long time ago, and the sooner she cut all ties with them, the better off she’d be. She was good with a camera, and as long as no one knew who she was, the daughter of the powerful Ram Stockholm, she could keep her cover intact.
Graham had just finished the construction of his house and was looking for any excuse he could find to stay away from people—that included his large family. But everyone had to eat so a trip to the grocery store was necessary. He didn’t, however, have a mate on his shopping list, but there she stood—injured and panicking.
Graham was about as happy as he could be, until three cops came to his property to arrest him and charged him with murder—now the whole family was in an uproar. Graham’s world was crashing around him, he wanted to marry Ramsey, but not like this…. Can they ban together to prove his innocence before it’s too late? Find out in the final chapter of the Emerson Wolves—Graham.
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The Dominator by D.D. Prince The Dominator (The Dominator #1) by D.D. Prince #Dark #BdSM
Right after her high school graduation, Tia O’Connor’s absent father tells her he needs her to save his life by being a marker for a gambling debt for just a few days.
Then Tia finds out the truth, that her life is no longer her own, that she’s been chosen to marry the son of a local mafia kingpin, a man whose identity shocks her.
Tommy Ferrano likes to play mind games. Tommy likes to play a lot of games. Tia has to obey his rules … or else.
Rule 1: He owns her and has full control over her. He wants obedience; he punishes defiance.
Rule 2: She needs to keep her mouth shut and reveal nothing to anyone about him.
He soon reveals rule #3 to her, revealing his dark, possessive, and depraved sexual side. Tia has to obey in order to survive. Will it break her or will submission bring about a different kind of freedom?
Tommy Ferrano never wanted a wife, never even wanted a girlfriend. Women were just a means to an end, a sexual end.
Women were always happy to oblige, sometimes too eager, which meant that he had to go over the edge of consent to get what he really wanted, fear then submission.
Tommy needs to get married to get control and handed his birthright --- something he’s worked tirelessly for. His father has a specific girl in mind and Tommy isn’t sure why her but the idea of owning a woman wakes up deeper, darker urges in him than ever. The minute he sets eyes on Tia he feels something inside of him shift, change. And as he gets to know her and finds out truths that have been hidden from him, he starts to change even further.
What’s his father’s motivation for picking this girl? What’s his father hiding? And how can he get what he wants from her without ruining everything?
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Predator by Michelle Horst Predator by Michelle Horst #Dark #Abuse
All my life I’ve been hiding, until there is no corner on this god-forsaken earth left for me to hide. I have to pay for the sins of my father. No one with Ellison blood in their veins is allowed to live, and I am the last of my bloodline.
I am kept in a container waiting for my death sentence to be carried out, when he comes. He is only known as ‘Predator’. No one knows who he works for, only that he leaves no one alive.
His every breath is filled with the last gasp of his dying prey.
But for some reason he doesn’t kill me.
I don’t know which is worse, the death sentence hanging over my head, or being at his mercy.
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The Gun Runner (Mafia Made, #1) by Scott Hildreth The Gun Runner (Mafia Made #1) by Scott Hildreth #Dark
Once, I took down terrorists on the front lines as a marine.
Now I'm in the business of bad.
I've sold guns to people others might not approve of.
I've eliminated the criminals, the lowlifes and the thugs who've tread on my turf.
And I looked the Sicilian Mafia boss in the eye and told him to f*** off.
No one tells me no, unless it's their last word.
I didn't just act the part of bad—I lived it. Then she stumbled into my life.
I tried to stay away from her. Tried focusing on moving my merchandise. But one smile from Terra was like a shot to the heart.
She's mine now. And no one threatens what's mine.

I've seen a lot of terrible things in my life.
I grew up around lies and deception, and I ran away from all of them.
Until I met him.
I knew he was corrupt. I knew he was dangerous.
I should have stayed away, but my attraction to him, my need for him, overrode my logic.
Now I love him.
If he finds out who I am, we're done and I'll be nothing.
I never wanted to be the Mafia princess they tried to make me, but mia familia had other plans. And what mia familia wants…it gets.
Only Michael Tripp can save me.
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The Erotica Collection by Nikki Sex The Erotica Collection by Nikki Sex
1. Elizabeth's Bondage
Elizabeth and her husband Mark celebrate their first wedding anniversary in style with a luxurious vacation in Las Vegas. The special occasion quickly takes an unexpected turn when Elizabeth wakes up naked, blindfolded and tied to a bed with no recollection of what happened.
Where is she? Where is her husband? And who is the strangely seductive captor who seems to know her better than she knows herself?
Yet, nothing is as it seems.
So begins Elizabeth and Mark's journey of sexual self-discovery through bondage, submission and domination.

2. Carmen's New York Romance
Kurt Nielsen—dominant, wealthy and New York's most eligible bachelor.
Carmen Wilson—a woman who has lost everything and is on the run for her life.
A chance meeting brings them together in a blaze of sensual heat.
Unfortunately for Kurt, Carmen runs again. Now he’s turning the city upside down to find her.
But Kurt's not the only one searching for Carmen. Two Federal Agents and her violent ex-boyfriend also want to get their hands on her.
Carmen has secrets she’s convinced will make Kurt despise her. How could she possibly reveal the truth?

Will Kurt find Carmen before the feds and her ex do? Can he teach her how to love and trust again?

3. Bound and Freed
"Haven't you ever been in love?"
"You mean that stupid, insane, sickly infatuation one gets when they can't eat and can't sleep because they only think of him?"
"That's the one."
John Taylor is a beautiful and dangerous man, but also a deeply damaged soul, bound to his tormented past. Nicknamed “Father John,” he’s also a notorious, sought after sadist at the local BDSM club.
Kelly Flynn is restrained by troubling ties of her own. She is suffering from the "Fatal Female Flaw" when ordinarily sensible women fall madly in love with an unattainable man who can't, or won't, love them back. There's no possible way Kelly can ever break through John's defenses to the tortured soul beneath... or can she?
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A Touch of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #0.5) by Lara Adrian A Touch of Midnight (Midnight Breed 0.5) by Lara Adrian #Vampires
Savannah Dupree is a freshman studying at Boston University on a full scholarship. But academic excellence is only one of her gifts. Savannah possesses something even more remarkable than her quick mind and insatiable curiosity for learning. With a simple touch, she can see an object’s past—a skill that puts her life in danger, when her studies bring her into contact with a centuries-old English sword and the terrible secret hidden within the blade’s history.

In all his three hundred years of living as one of the Breed, vampire warrior Gideon never dreamed he’d see the blade again that spilled his young brothers’ lives ages ago in London. Ever since the boys’ deaths, Gideon’s been on a personal quest to rid the world of Rogue vampires, but now he can’t help wondering if the brutal slaying was something more sinister—an act perpetrated by an unknown enemy. An enemy who is apparently living in hiding somewhere in Boston. There’s one certain way to prove Gideon’s suspicion, but it will mean using innocent, gifted Savannah to help uncover the full truth—a truth that will shatter everything she knows about herself and the world around her. And with danger closing in from all sides, the passion that ignites between Gideon and Savannah will tempt them to risk their hearts and lives for a love that might just last an eternity….
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Delicate Ink (Montgomery Ink, #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan Delicate Ink (Montgomery Ink #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan #BdSM
The First Full Length Novel in the Bestselling Montgomery Ink Series
On the wrong side of thirty, Austin Montgomery is ready to settle down. Unfortunately, his inked sleeves and scruffy beard isn’t the suave business appearance some women crave. Only finding a woman who can deal with his job, as a tattoo artist and owner of Montgomery Ink, his seven meddling siblings, and his own gruff attitude won’t be easy.
Finding a man is the last thing on Sierra Elder’s mind. A recent transplant to Denver, her focus is on opening her own boutique. Wanting to cover up scars that run deeper than her flesh, she finds in Austin a man that truly gets to her—in more ways than one.
Although wary, they embark on a slow, tempestuous burn of a relationship. When blasts from both their pasts intrude on their present, however, it will take more than a promise of what could be to keep them together.
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