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Review: HOWL

HOWL HOWL by D.S. Wrights
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


HOWL is a deep dive into the taboo and dark. Be warned faint-hearted: this book contains (view spoiler) and I loved it.
fuck yes
Some might tag this book as "horror", and it definitely has some elements to it: it's gorish and brutal, but then again, it's everyone's personal opinion if that's enough for this book to be a horror-book.

HOWL isn't just that, it's also sad, as our female lead has lost her mother with eleven, due to childbirth and Liala "Lia" wants nothing but bring back the memories of a mother who was absolutely close to her.
However, this book is also in for some surprises. And the revelation at the end of the book leave you waiting for more. You can read it as a standalone, as there are some questions answered, but some left open. It's up to you to decided if you want to fill in the blanks of your own or wait for the sequel HUNT.

epic 5.5

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