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Kindle Erotica November 17th 2016

New Release

Dark Alley Game (Dark Alley, #5) by D.S. Wrights Dark Alley: Game (Dark Alley #5) by D.S. Wrights #Adult #Menage
Becoming more than comfortable with taking on the persona of Belladonna, Alice realizes that there are no holds barred at the Dark Alley club, and that it might not be right for her, after all. Maybe she's in over her head in this game of sexual adventure?
Plus, who left a gift on her doorstep?
While Aquarius is determined to win her over, she learns something new about King of Diamonds that changes everything.

Episodes of Season 1:
#1 Dark Alley: Stranger
#2 Dark Alley: Club
#3 Dark Alley: Master
#4 Dark Alley: Need
#5 Dark Alley: Game
#6 Dark Alley: Stalker
#7 Dark Alley: Lust
#8 Dark Alley: Mistress
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To Love a Wolf (SWAT #4) by Paige Tyler To Love a Wolf (SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #4) by Paige Tyler #Shifter #Crime
SWAT officer Landry Cooper is certain Everly Danu is The One. The problem is, she has no idea what Cooper really is. And as much as he wants to trust her, he's not sure he can share his deepest secret...
When Everly's family discovers Cooper's a werewolf, her brothers will do anything to keep them apart-they'll kill him if they have to. Everly is falling hard for the ridiculously handsome SWAT officer, and she's not about to let her brothers tell her who she can love... Until Cooper's secret is exposed and she discovers the man she thought she knew is a monster in disguise.

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Sought by the Alphas Complete Boxed Set by Carina Wilder Sought by the Alphas Complete Boxed Set (Sought by the Alphas #1-5) by Carina Wilder #Paranormal #Menage #Bundle
When a young woman finds herself thrust into another life and time, a new world begins to unfold in ways which she could never have imagined.

As her destiny reveals itself, Gwynne begins to adapt to her astonishing new circumstances and all that they hold. But she quickly realizes that this life will be one filled with danger, passion and conflict, complete with two gorgeous men who are a mix of passion and strength.

And she wouldn't trade this life for anything.

This is the complete bestselling Sought by the Alphas saga, five books compiled into one Boxed Set for the first time.
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Fame & Obsession (Lords Of Lyre Book 1) by Cora Kenborn Fame & Obsession (Lords of Lyre #1) by Cora Kenborn #Menage #Suspense #Humor
Struggling writer Phoebe Ryan abandons her southern roots and heads to New York, determined to leave her nightmarish past behind…
She was not expecting to meet a famous rock star, or to be coerced into ghostwriting his autobiography. But she tries to maintain focus on her dream of becoming an author, despite the attraction she feels for the sexy rocker, not to mention the baggage that comes with him.

Julian Bale’s world was shattered one drunken night, and it almost ruined him…
Weighed down by guilt, he blames himself for an accident he could’ve prevented. He will play the game, but swears his hot little ghostwriter will never get that story out of him. As much as he wants her, if he has to choose between his dream and hers, it’s no contest.

Phoebe and Julian give in to a forbidden attraction, and their public romance risks both their lives…
An obsessive fan is on the loose and now that the secret’s out, it’s made them both targets. The psychotic stalker is determined to have Julian for herself, even if she has to reveal their sordid pasts and eliminate Phoebe to do it.
He lives for fame. She lives to hide. Obsession lives to ruin them both.
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Chrome With a Heart Forged in Steele (Carolina Bad Boys, #5) by Rie Warren Chrome: With a Heart Forged in Steele (Carolina Bad Boys #4) by Rie Warren #Abuse #Suspense Boomer Steele is big. He’s bad. He’s the Retribution MC pres. He’s been dealt the worst hand imaginable and bears the scars inside and out. Not that anyone knows it. He’s watched his younger brother and sister hook up and hitch up with the loves of their lives, and now he’s the last Steele standing alone. Maybe he should keep it that way.

Then one feisty honey makes him feel, gets in his grill, pisses him off.

She goes by the name of Rayce. And that’s exactly what she does on her motocross bike when she’s not busy getting her hands dirty with her fellow grease monkeys as the only female mechanic at Stone’s Garage. She’s into fixing bikes, racing hers, and making Boomer’s life a living hell just for the fun of it. Oh, and she hates being treated like a girl.

Sparks flying? That’s an understatement where these two are concerned. Yet when Rayce needs a place to live, and Boomer offers her a room in his house, their unquenchable attraction wins out over antagonism. Sometimes. Rayce’s crappy upbringing makes her think love is for stupid fools asking for heartbreak. She’s not willing to go there for any man. Not even Boomer Steele.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
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Saving Mason by Olivia Jones Saving Mason by Olivia Jones #Dark #LGBT
Mason is strong, cocky, and dirty in bed—every naughty girl's fantasy.

But he's my captor.

The way his rough hands hold me down... his soft lips on mine.

I can't get enough and I'm falling for him hard.

I'm not the one who needs saving anymore.

This is a standalone with a guaranteed HEA
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In His Eyes (Blemished Brides #1) by Peggy L. Henderson In His Eyes (Blemished Brides #1) by Peggy L. Henderson #Historical #Western
Carefree and strong-willed, Katherine Montgomery is the daughter of a successful Montana horse rancher. When a tragic accident claims her father’s life, Katherine is left to deal with an overbearing mother whose agenda does not include a young daughter. Fate deals her another devastating blow, leaving her to face an uncertain future far away from everything and everyone she’s loved.

Trace Hawley used to push the limits of the law, and no one was going to plan his future for him. The death of the man who always had his back leaves him to finally face responsibility. The promises he made a decade ago have shaped him into the man he is today, and will bring him face to face with the one girl from his past he always tried to avoid.

After a ten year absence, Katherine returns to the ranch she once loved to discover the shocking reason her mother summoned her home. Surprised to find Trace still at the ranch, her childhood infatuation grows into something far stronger as he challenges her to lead the life she once wanted, but seems to have forgotten. When Katherine is forced to make a choice between saving her father’s dreams or following her own, Trace might be the only one who holds the key to both.
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