Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2016

Double Deal: An Indecent Proposal #1 & #2 by JC Reed

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JC Reed is having a sale of two books!!

The Interview

The Agreement

Life is never easy. Especially not for Lauren Hanson.
Sexless, loveless, and jobless, she just wants to move on from her past and focus on her future. When her stepfather visits her, she wants the meeting to be quickly over with. After all, she suspects he killed her mom. If only she could get her hands on her mom's letters and find out the truth, she'd find closure.

When an opportunity presents itself to get the letters, her stepfather Clint demands she has to prove to him she has a relationship. Her best bet is to hire someone to play her boyfriend, and why not take it one step further, and hire a fake fiancé?

It shouldn't be so hard. After all, everyone can pretend to be in love.

But then she meets Chase Wright.
Tall, handsome, and sexy, he looks like he just stepped off a men health magazine. He smells like heaven, too.

But you can't get involved with the “Help”, can you?
Not when said help is a playboy.

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