Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2015

Freebies Dec 31st 2015

by Yolanda Olson

Nero 'Swing' Rader thought that doing the club's wet-work would be easy. He got to do what he loved best and the way he wanted; alone.
Never one to turn down the club president's request to take out a mark, he finds himself at odds when the next mark is Alaska Winslow.
No women and no children was a code he always lived by.
But when the Tidals & Anchors MC has unanimously voted to take her down, he'll have to do what he does best. What he doesn't know is that this is just the beginning. Someone has set him up and a masked assailant seems to be hellbent on inflicting as much pain on him as he has on others.
Can the most feared outlaw in the club figure out who he’s wronged in time to save his own life?
One thing he knows for sure; whoever set him up will have hell to pay if he can find a way to keep himself alive.

KU: ☑

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