Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2015

Dark Alley: Club Review

I have waited far too long for this sequel. Haven't we all?

Dark Alley Club more or less picks up where Dark Alley Stranger left us, but not without our female lead Alice having grown and being aware of her mistakes in the first installment. Now, in the Dark Alley Club Alice tries to find a fit in her newfound role as "Belladonna", looking forward to a new adventure that King od Diamonds administrates. Again this is a very short an d quick read. There is nothing much I can say without spoiling Alice's second adventure. What I did appreciate again was how realistic the characters were and I definitely didn't see that plot twist coming! Again D.S. Wrights put us into the role of her female lead and Hell! who wouldn't want to be in Alices shoes this time!

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