Sonntag, 13. August 2017

NewsFlash: The Zon running bloggers WILD

After the enormous outcry caused by K. Webster's controversial book WILD, Amazon is on the witch hunt again and bloggers are eager to follow. Apparently, ZON was so terrified by the chorus of outrage, it changed its review algorithm over night, causing a whole bunch of books to be blocked, like D.S. Wrights' WAKE.

I'm not sure what is worse: that the Zon felt the need to quickly and imprudently change its algorithm, which is the only thing that reviews submitted and resubmitted books.
(yes: there is no person behind it looking at the books, and because of this even the customer service cannot give their indie author a clear answer to why their book has been blocked all of the sudden.
and yes, if you change only a typo in your blurb, your book is going to be reviewed again).

Or that some bloggers are eager to blindly follow the Zon's algorithm's lead, and not questioning its limited ability to correctly judge the content of a book. Instead these bloggers insult authors reaching out for help to get their unjustly blocked and then republished book back on track.

Everyone has the right to like or dislike a book. None of EAD ladies have read Webster's WILD, and none intend to because of the content. But we are not bashing the book. Why? Because we don't judge books we haven't read!

It's saddening to witness fellow bloggers bash other books just because they were also blocked by this altered algorithm, without giving said books the benefit of the doubt. Just like with our example D.S. Wrights' WAKE, which is back on Amazon: readers are rather confused why it was blocked in the first place.

Don't judge something or someone you don't know, and even more so, don't insult someone just because an algorithm thinks it should be blocked.

(P.S. If you are one of the unlucky and are not ashamed to be one of Zon's victims, please contact us through our Facebook page so that we cen give oyu a proper shoutout.)

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