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Kindle Erotica June 4th 2017

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First & Last (A Billionaire's Virgin Romance) by Penny Wylder
First & Last (A Billionaire's Virgin Romance) by Penny Wylder #Novella
He wants to be my first, and he'll pay anything to make it happen.
I joined the First Times for Sale website on a dare. It's not something I'd ever seriously consider, I mean... who sells their virginity?
I didn't think someone would message me.
Definitely didn't think I'd consider his offer.
But talk about sexy-- and he's clearly rich. Something has to be wrong with him. He's got to be a creep, or broken, or dangerous.
I tell myself this so I can try to resist my curiosity.
And so I can resist messaging him back.
Then I hit reply, and worse, I agree to meet him.
It started as a dare.
How will it end?
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Man and Master by Jason Luke
Man and Master by Jason Luke #BdSM #Dark
It was desperation that drove Gabriele to seek out a Master to train her. Learning submission seemed the only way to salvage her relationship with a spiteful boyfriend.
But now Gabriele is starting to fall for Master Joshua, and as she is drawn deeper into his erotic world of sexual surrender, she can’t help but be attracted to a man who remains mystifyingly remote; a man who won’t be loved.
Lurking beneath Joshua’s stern façade hides a haunted painful past. He’s torn between his memories and his desire… and tortured by the fear of living again.
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Capture Me & Bind Me by Anna Zaires
Capture Me & Bind Me (Capture Me #1-2) by Anna Zaires #Dark #Trigger
“Yulia,” he whispers, staring down at me, and I know he feels it too, this pull, this visceral connection between us. He may have all the power, but in this moment, he’s as vulnerable as I am, caught in the grip of the same madness.

She fears him from the first moment she sees him.
Yulia Tzakova is no stranger to dangerous men. She grew up with them. She survived them. But when she meets Lucas Kent, she knows the hard ex-soldier may be the most dangerous of them all.
One night—that’s all it should be. A chance to make up for a failed assignment and get information on Kent’s arms dealer boss. When his plane goes down, it should be the end.
Instead, it's just the beginning.
He wants her from the first moment he sees her.
Lucas Kent has always liked leggy blondes, and Yulia Tzakova is as beautiful as they come. The Russian interpreter might’ve tried to seduce his boss, but she ends up in Lucas’s bed—and he has every intention of seeing her there again.
Then his plane goes down, and he learns the truth.
She betrayed him.
Now she will pay.

He’s determined to break her.
For Lucas Kent, his new prisoner is a maddening contradiction: compliant yet defiant, fragile yet strong. He needs to uncover her secrets, but doing so may ruin everything.
His obsession could destroy her.
She’s determined to escape.
For Yulia Tzakova, her captor is the man of both her dreams and her nightmares: tender one moment, cruel the next. She can’t let him crack her, but resisting him may leave her broken.
A moment of weakness could cost her everything.
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The Rich List Series (Rich List, #1-3) by Talia Hunter
The Rich List Series (Rich List #1-3) by Talia Hunter #BdSM #FemDom #Bundle #Standalones
Max Oberon's got his big break. The millionaire model-turned-actor has just one problem. His next character's submissive relationship is a big part of the movie, and Max can't make it convincing. Only five days with a dominatrix can help him overcome his need for total control.
Ally is a broke blogger, and a story that frightens her to the core could be her chance to get back on her feet. By passing herself off as a dominatrix, she can publish a tell-all article and earn what she needs to stay afloat. But Ally's abusive ex left her with a self-confidence problem, and she's completely clueless about anything kinky. Ally can't give orders. Max hates taking them. And will Ally's lie sabotage their chance at love?

It’s not profitable being Sydney’s most hated man, and construction boss Damien Courtney has to improve his image. Taking part in a charity auction might help with that… but being won by a pink-haired sex store owner isn’t what he had in mind.
Geena Dennis puts her whole future at risk when she wins straight-edged Damien in an auction she’s not even supposed to be at. It’s an impulsive move, but she needs him to help save her sex store, The Gee Spot. The absolute last thing she needs is to fall for him.

Hot shot CEO Marcus Bolton’s decided who to hire for the top job, and it’s not Angel Moore, no matter how tempting she might be. Problem is, he's set on hiring her boss who's a sexist jerk, and Angel’s suffered enough. It’s time for her to turn the tables on her boss, and make Marcus realize the office underdog might just be the right person to put in charge.
Marcus Bolton is fighting to keep his job, and can’t give Angel what she wants. But he can’t resist taking everything she offers, and when their passion explodes it changes everything. Will they lose their careers… or their hearts?
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Daddy's Sweet Girl A Dark Stepfamily Love Story by Stasia Black
Daddy's Sweet Girl: A Dark Stepfamily Love Story by Stasia Black #Dark #Taboo
When Mom told me she was getting married again and moving her new husband and his twenty-four year old son in with us, I thought I’d just have to spend as much time as possible studying in the campus library to avoid all of them.
I certainly never expected to learn that the marriage was simply a mutually beneficial arrangement for my mom and new stepfather, Mr. Winters. They don’t actually have feelings toward each other. I also didn’t expect him and my stepbrother, Dominick, to be such handsome, Viking-like men. Or for them to take such an interest in me.
Now at the age of 19, I suddenly find I have the family I’ve always wanted. As we all grow closer, though, lines start to blur. When Daddy and big brother start pushing those boundaries even further, will I be ready?
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If The Seas Catch Fire by L.A. WittIf The Seas Catch Fire by L.A. Witt #MM #Dark
Sergei Andronikov was a child when the Mafia wiped out his family, leaving him with nothing but a hunger for revenge. Years later, through ruthless strategy and tireless patience, he’s a contract killer working for the three families ruling Cape Swan… and he’s nearly in position to bring them all down from the inside.
Domenico “Dom” Maisano is Mafia royalty, a made man… and a hitman. He’s caught up in a violent life he can’t escape, struggling to maintain an image he doesn’t want, and suppressing desires he can’t have.
A chance encounter throws the killers into each other’s paths. Though Dom knows he’s playing a dangerous game, he’s intrigued and keeps coming back. Sergei can’t resist him either—Dom is everything he set out to destroy, but he’s also everything he’s ever ached for in a man.
Then Sergei gets the contract he’s been waiting for—the hit that promises to bring the town’s Mafia to its knees.
But when a boss makes an unexpected move, Sergei must choose between dropping the hammer on the families he vowed to annihilate, and protecting the man he swore he wouldn’t love.
And the wrong choice—or even the right one—will destroy them both.
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Dysphoria and Grace (The Night Blind Saga #1) by Christina L. RozelleDysphoria and Grace (The Night Blind Saga #1) by Christina L. Rozelle #Dystopia
Twenty-year-old orphan, Grace Vincent, is damaged beyond repair. She’s had a shit life, and with the state of the world, things aren’t getting any better. With crime on the constant rise, and all licensed civilians age sixteen and up armed, it’s no wonder she has a pet name for her 9 mm, Suki.
While attending the slummiest community college in Selam, Texas, Grace still lives at home with her adoptive parents and their “miracle” baby, but only for a few more months until she graduates and they buy her a new car. She smokes and drinks a little too much, loses herself in her music, and to keep things interesting, she’s falling hard for her cute and sexy best friend, Eve. (Who knew she liked girls?)
But when the government imposes Martial Law, requiring civilians aged twenty-one and up to be vaccinated in an effort to eradicate violence, and things don’t go as planned, Grace is left to navigate a frenzied world while wrangling difficult realizations and regrets. With nothing else to lose, a decision must be made—fight and live, or surrender and die.
When Grace has lost all hope, two chance encounters prove there are secrets in Selam, Texas, lies about how the end happened, and hope for her yet, despite the insanity in her screwed-up mind. The world may have ended, but Grace’s new life has just begun.
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