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Kindle Erotica June 10th 2017

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HATE ME a bad boy romance novel by Jaxson Kidman
HATE ME: a bad boy romance novel by Jaxson Kidman
Hey, beautiful. My name is Mason and my job is one simple thing: I want you to HATE ME. I want you to hate this story. I want you to hate this book. I want you to leave a nasty review on this book. Actually, I dare you to do that.
This is the story of me being me and a beautiful, innocent woman named Violet who moved in next door to me. From the second I saw her I had to have her. But then she slipped up and confessed she had never been touched... that's when she became my ultimate obsession.
My name is Mason... and, beautiful, you really are going to hate me.
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Wicked Things (Chaos & Ruin Series Book 3) by Callie Hart
Wicked Things (Chaos & Ruin Series Book 3) by Callie Hart #Dark
"This is the reason I called her my angry girl in the first place. I was teasing her back then, but the truth of the matter is that she impressed me. She blew me away with her strength of character and her fire. She’s not just angry. She’s fierce. She’s determined. She’s strong. She’s brave as f#*$. She is everything she needs to be in order to withstand being in love with a man like me, and I am eternally grateful for that fact."
Zeth Mayfair is on a mission to take care of business in New York. The only problem? The Babieri family seem intent on taking care of him. Permanently.
Sloane Romera's just beginning to wrap her head around the idea of being a mother. When she's shoved into the back of a black panel van without so much as the chance to scream, she finally realizes she'll do whatever it takes to protect the growing child inside her.
And when Zeth finds out what's happened to his Angry Girl...
...Seattle had better prepare for fireworks.
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The Alpha's Fight (Huntsville Pack, #3) by Michelle Fox
The Alpha's Fight (Huntsville Pack #3) by Michelle Fox #Paranormal
When you've lost your wolf, how do you get it back?
'Jane Doe' has no idea who she is or why she wakes up in a...nursing home? Full of shifters? She may not be old, but they say she is a shifter--only her wolf is MIA and she's in some kind of trouble she can't remember to boot. And there's this guy, Ryder. Something about him that makes her tingle in all the right places. If only she knew whether or not she already had a mate, why she's been stashed in shifter 'retirementville' and where the hell her animal half went.
What if your wolf picked a mate you couldn't trust?
Former pro-fighter Ryder Chase plans to get away from his no-good pack alpha, Mason, and forge a new life for himself, but there's one little problem named Jane. Ryder's wolf wants her more than he wants to breathe. Mate. Mine. Finding his mate would be good news except for the part where she knows Mason. Is Jane mixed up with his alpha's dark side and everything Ryder wants to leave behind?
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Savaged by Shay Savage
Savaged by Shay Savage #Dark #Shorts #Bundle
Same Time Tomorrow: Executive Julian Reddick is tired of his brand of hand lotion but doesn’t have time to date. What’s the solution? Call in a “nooner” from a high-class company of ill-repute. Valerie Woods is exactly the distraction he needs.

Cleansing Bonds: A Dom who had hurt the one he loved and an abused sub looking for release. Both are sure they will never be able to find what they need, but they find healing with each other.

Encounter: On a weekend night near campus, a college girl walks home alone from the local bar. Who is watching her from the shadows, waiting to take advantage of the situation?

Want No More: Olivia’s new job takes an unexpected turn when terrorists take over her office building. Olivia is taken hostage, but Adam, the sexy head henchman, seems to be exactly what Olivia desires.
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GARY 1/ Gary gets Dawn hot by S.D. ChapmanGARY: 1/ Gary gets Dawn hot by S.D. Chapman #Horror
Gary comes into some money. It gives him a new found freedom, the freedom to do whatever he wants, but what he wants more than anything is revenge on the women who scorned him in the past. He hates women. They will be made to suffer!
A sick story of rape & torture
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Rafael (Stone Society #1) by Faith GibsonRafael (Stone Society #1) by Faith Gibson #Paranormal
There’s a new species of shapeshifter in town…
Raphael Stone is the King of the Gargoyle shapeshifters. His family, The Stone Society, has ruled the Americas for over seven hundred years. As an architect, he has spent the last thirty years helping to rebuild New Atlanta since the near Apocalypse. As King of the Gargouille, he has spent those same thirty years protecting his city from the dregs of society.
Kaya Kane is the New Atlanta Chief of Police. At thirty-six, not only is she the youngest, but also the first female Chief the city has ever had. She has dedicated her life to keeping her city safe. When a multiple homicide brings her face to face with the elusive Rafael Stone, her life will never be the same.
Rafael’s kind has never mated with a human but just speaking to Chief Kane on the telephone nearly brings him to his knees. Kaya has given up on ever having a relationship other than her career. When the two meet, sparks fly. Literally. Can Rafael give in to the fact that Kay is human? Can she overlook the evidence pointing to Rafael as the killer?
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