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Review: My Beasts And Me

My Beasts And Me My Beasts And Me by D.S. Wrights
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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This is the final installment of the The Beast and Me series, and this book does not disappoint.
Quite the contrary. It feels well rounded and complete.

As the short blurb gives away, Meg returns to where everything started. With this book, Meg once more is the sole narrator and she completes the full circle of her story. Reading these diary entries feels like a nice comparison and shows the start contrast between then and now.

well done

This book still belongs in the dark paranormal genre, although there is just one erotic scene which isn't that graphic but all the more beautiful. I can't give away much about the plot itself, but a teaser posted by the author pretty much let's you know as much as you need to know.

In this book, for the first time, the reader is the only one not knowing what is going to happen, and rather stands in the villain's shoes than in Meg's, which is quite brilliant.

I highly recommend the series, which you can either read completely or skip the parts narrated by the male characters, which are The Beast In Me (#2). , The Beast Of Me (#5). , and The Beasts Within (#6). All of these books explain parts of the background to the main story and what happens to the others while they are separated from Meg.
I personally would recommend that you read at least book 6, too.

epic five stars

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