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Review: BLOOD: Curse: Episode 1

BLOOD: Curse: Episode 1 BLOOD: Curse: Episode 1 by D.S. Wrights
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D. S. Wrights has brought us a new story, and it's sucking you in like no other.
Although only 95 pages long, episode 1 "Curse" creates a foundation for an erotic thriller series that has no comparison. This novella is written in two first point of views.

Meet Charlotte "the poor cursed princess" O’Callaghan, who has been touched by death twice, once in absence as her parents were killed when she was 15, and once up close, on the night to her 16th birthday. Charlotte has found her very own way of coping with trauma and tragedy: she kills people. Her discipline and motivation is awe-striking, and although she herself and the reader know that what she is doing is wrong, you root for her. The detached way how she describes her killings is fascinating and shocking alike.

Meet Matthew Craig, a homicide detective, who lives for his work and for nothing else. Touched by death and tragedy himself, he has found his calling in convicting murderers, and he has caught every single one... but one. Connecting dots to a pattern no one has seen before, he's after a serial killer, no one else believes in, and even if his ex-partner or chief does, they are willing to turning a blind eye, because all of the victims have been beyond bad people.
The scent "bloodhound" Matt follows, leads to Charlotte's parents' hit-and-run-death.
Her picture alone makes him all...

And then the two meet. It's as intence as vengeance and justice collide.

I'm not saying anything else.

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