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Review: A Beauty Dark and Deadly

A Beauty Dark and Deadly A Beauty Dark and Deadly by Heather C. Myers
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A Beauty Dark and Deadly is the first book I've managed to read for a long time, so bear with me.

This story is neither dark nor deadly.

I have to admit that cover and title were the reasons I was compelled to read this book, and I guess as a dark reader this book simply was too fluffy, overly sweet, and eyeroll-"dramatic" for me, and the repetition about our FL's concerns regarding the ML were just annoying.
But I continued reading, telling myself that I was too strict with this book, and hoped that darkness or hotness would eventually arrive. None did.

This is a typical New Adult book, overly dramatized, with the forbidden/dangerous love vibe. A quite typical storyline with additional scenes that are meant to bring suspense or drama, which were so uninspiring to me that they left me unimpressed.

Needless to say, that I was heavily disappointed.

I would have given this book three stars if it wasn't for the plot holes to the end of the story and the epilogue which only purpose was to even the path for a sequel, (which will never come?!), with two "shocker" plot twists, which made the decision easy for me to drop this series.

As for the erotic scenes: the are being ruined by metaphors I just can't believe the author seriously used. You just do not mention a cow in any way during an erotic scene! Why would you do that?

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