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Kindle Erotica April 24th 2017

New Release

Stranger (Happily Never After) by B. BennettStranger (Happily Never After) by B. Bennett #Dark #Novella
"He was a stranger.
My first instinct was not to trust him, but then I learned - sometimes the most beautiful people have the ugliest scars."
Atop Mount Belle lives a beastly man. The beast has only known solitude since the death of his abusive mother, so when he comes across a bloodied beauty in the woods, he refuses to let go.
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In the Shadows Box Set Books 1-3, Sebastian and Talia (In the Shadows, #1-3) by P.T. Michelle
In the Shadows Box Set Books 1-3, Sebastian and Talia (In the Shadows #1-3) by P.T. Michelle #BdSM #Bundle
This is an 800 print page bundle that features books 1-3, Sebastian and Talia's story: MISTER BLACK, SCARLETT RED, and BLACKEST RED.
See why readers are calling Sebastian and Talia's journey "an epic love story you won't be able to put down."
When Talia crashes a masked party, the charismatic and dominant Mister Black is the one man who can either help or expose her. Neither can deny their attraction, but what happens when one hot night together turns into so much more...
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Early Sins (Dangerous Games #0) by Jennifer Bene
Early Sins (Dangerous Games 0) by Jennifer Bene #Dark #Prequel
There are some things in life that only a bullet will fix.
Before Camille Devereaux knew how to kill, before she could even hold a gun - she was a tortured girl with a dark past and only one purpose in life. To destroy the men who had taken her.
When she walked into his world Smith wasn't sure what to expect from the tiny, blonde waif - but it definitely wasn't the sharp-tongued anger eating her alive. Determined, beautiful, and destined for catastrophe if he doesn't intervene - Smith takes her in.
As he guides her deeper and deeper into a world of brutal training, bullets, and blood she discovers that this gun-toting, male model gorgeous, guardian angel of death might just be her only hope at vengeance. But their constant companionship is more than professional, and the tension between them is growing as fast as her skill, and there's only so much Smith can do to ignore his own feelings as Camille ticks off the names on her list one by one.
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Taken by Two (Taken and Torn #1) by Sam J.D. HuntTaken by Two (Taken and Torn #1) by Sam J.D. Hunt #Menage #MM
Taken by two enigmatic men, Penelope Sedgewick overcomes demons from the past to learn to thrive in a thrilling new dangerous world. When the missing billionaire Nathaniel Slater reappears from oblivion and kidnaps her, she’s sure his dark friend, Rex Renton, is the true one to fear. The nature of their close relationship intrigues her, and as the three are thrown together in a fight for their lives, the sizzling chemistry between them explodes with more heat than the exotic jungle Rex calls home. As each of the unlikely lovers seek redemption for past sins, the three-way love between them grows into an unbreakable bond.
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Sinned by Veronica DayeSinned by Veronica Daye #Taboo #Bonus
“It’s only you and me here tonight. Tonight I am just a man, not a priest.”
I thought my days of temptation were over when I took my vows of celibacy and obedience. I was wrong.
Six years ago I met Ava and the man in me wanted to savor every look, touch, and taste of her. And I did. But I am not just a man, I am a priest.
This is my confession.
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