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Kindle Erotica February 7th 2017

New Release

Lip Service (Fuckboy Series Book 3) by Tracy BurkeLip Service (Fuckboy Series Book 3) by Tracy Burke #MM #MT
Wanted – Fuckboy. Full-time hours, daily pay, 60/40 cut, you keep all tips. Must be appealing to the eye, have a body to die for, and be open minded to new adventures. Call 555-FUCK to get started today!
With an open mind, Colton Pierce begins the next chapter of his life. He has a new home with his best friend and he's one of Casual Companions most requested Fuckboys. Until now, he’s been able to keep his home and work lives separate. But when those two worlds collide, the people and relationships around him begin to change.
When faced with the most difficult decision of his life, will Colton walk away or will he decide that love is worth the battle?
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Walk of Shame (G-Man, Next Generation, #1) by Andrea Smith
Walk of Shame (G-Man, Next Generation #1) by Andrea Smith
Weston Matthews is 21, a senior in a prestigious, Ivy League College, and has a tongue like Gene Simmons! He's a frat boy, hockey jock, and all around ladies man. He does have one problem though, he has to ace his Early American Lit class in order to graduate and stay eligible to play hockey for Hardwick University.
Weston is provided a tutor to help with his senior Lit class. Enter Penny Lane, also a senior at another local college, doing part-time status at Hardwick. She tutors to earn money, but her aspirations go far beyond just that. Penny is plain, nerdy, brilliant, and has a hidden agenda. She and Weston get off on the wrong foot, and from there, things will only get crazier.
Weston has his moments with his tutor, but when family problems arise forcing him to go home for a few days, he realizes it's time for him to grow up and take his studies seriously. There's a mysterious hook-up for Weston at a Halloween gala ball that has some smokin' hot ramifications. And once he puts his nose to the grindstone, he reaps some very unexpected rewards!
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Man Chaser A Secret Baby Dark Romance by Alexis Angel
Man Chaser: A Secret Baby Dark Romance by Alexis Angel #Dark
She says she’s a Man Chaser. Well…they call me a Woman Tamer. Let’s see who wins, shall we?
Don’t worry. You read that line above just right. I tame women. Show them who’s boss.
One night with Ethan Kane and these 8-pack abs, chiseled body and 12-inches of lust muscle hanging between my legs and they’ll do anything I damn well tell them to.
So when Brittney tries to infiltrate my company to steal from me...when I see her trying to seduce me with her gorgeous curvy body and beautiful face...I know what I’m up against.
And I’m not worried. At all.
She thinks she can just shake that body and get me to roll over for her like a dog.
She doesn’t realize that it’s going to be her that ends up on her knees as I tell her to beg.
And when that happens, there’s only one question left to ask myself...
How badly does she need to be taught a lesson?
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Wilder (The Renegades) by Rebecca Yarros
Wilder (The Renegades #1) by Rebecca Yarros
He’s Paxton Wilder.
Twenty-two-year-old, tattooed, smoking-hot leader of the Renegades.
Five time X Games medalist.
The world is his playground—especially this year—and for the next nine months I’m stuck as his tutor on the Study at Sea program.
He’s too busy staging worldwide stunts for his documentary to get to class.
But if I can’t get him to take academics seriously, I’ll lose my scholarship…if I don’t lose my heart first.
Six unlikely friends on a nine-month cruise with the Study at Sea program will learn that chemistry is more than a subject and the best lessons aren’t taught in the classroom…but in the heart.
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The Darker Side of Cane by Lacey AlphaThe Darker Side of Cane by Lacey Alpha #Dark
What's your darkest desire?
Rough and ready Jonah Cane specialises in fulfilling women's sexual fantasies but how will he act when a virgin walks through his door?
When intern Evelyn Ash is assigned to write an article for Missy Magazine, she has no idea what's in store for her. Tasked with accepting three dates a week from an online dating site, Evelyn is approached by a mysterious, faceless profile. For the sake of her article, she accepts a date upon which she is whisked away to a country mansion where a masked man awaits her...
As a steamy, sexual fantasy-driven affair unfolds, Evelyn begins to fall for the unpredictable and alluring Jonah Cane. But how will she act when she discovers Jonah's darkest fantasy? And does she love him enough to go through with it?
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Inhibitions ( UnInhibited #1) by Kimberly BraccoInhibitions (UnInhibited #1) by Kimberly Bracco
In the last six months, Ashley’s life has been one disappointment after another. She walked in on her boyfriend with another woman, leaving her needing a new place to live and a mountain of debt. As if that wasn’t enough, her ex convinces her that his infidelity is her fault for being unadventurous in bed.
Deep down Ashley has always had the desire to be wild but has been held back by her own insecurities. She’s desperate to break free, but she's fearful of how people will judge her if they know her inner desires. She wants nothing more than to lose herself in sex that pushes her to the limit, but she hasn’t found anyone she trusts enough to take her there until she meets Tanner.
Tanner doesn’t trust anyone outside of his inner circle easily. The infamous, media proclaimed playboy, quarterback is tired of people using him for money, connections and to get their fifteen minutes of fame. Determined to protect his image and himself, he makes sure to keep most people at arm’s length until Ashley is thrown into his life. He’s inexplicably drawn to her, and she needs his help in more than ways than one. But to help her, he’ll need to let her in.
There’s an immediate attraction and connection that neither can deny, but can both of them get past their inhibitions and find what they are looking for in each other or will everything backfire in their faces?
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The Demon Murders (The Demon Detective Agency Book 1) by Tom KaneThe Demon Murders (The Demon Detective Agency Book 1) by Tom Kane
The Demon Detective Agency is the series title for a group of books in the genre dark paranormal erotic fiction.
The heroine of the tales is May Brubaker, an ex-LA cop whose work partner is brutally murdered, forcing May to leave the police force due to ongoing issues in her life.
May discovers, thanks to the demon witch Polydorus, that she holds a devastating power, in the form of a wooden ring called the Descalus, that the demon wants to posses.
Book 1, The Demon Murders, tells the story of May's discovery, subsequent battle with Polydorus and how The Demon Detective Agency is formed.
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