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Kindle Erotica February 28th 2017

New Release

Russian Roulette (The Santorno Series Book 11) by Sandrine Gasq-DionRussian Roulette (Santorno #11) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion #MM #Crime
Life is about making choices and taking chances. Some are easy. Others, not so much. Make love to a gorgeous husband? Easy choice. Accept a deadly mission when you have a new baby at home? Um, what's behind door No. 2?
The widely-extended Santorno-Youngblood family continues to grow as some of the baddest assassins alive procreate some of the cutest babies alive. But don't underestimate them. They may show up in Turkey with a spare pacifier in their pocket, but the assault weapon in their hands is all that really matters.
Years of danger and near loss inspire weddings and the miracle of birth for members of the team. Some couples face their pasts; others are only interested in their futures. But don't be fooled by the scent of baby powder -- these men can still throw down a rescue mission or two at a moment's notice, and heads will roll.
As the new dads settle down slightly, Vince Markov is tasked with protecting Andrei Panchenko, head of the Russian mob, from those who want the now-legitimate crime families to return to the days of murder, intimidation, and mayhem to make money. Andrei insists he doesn't need Vince to protect him. Vince doesn't care what Andrei thinks. Add some near kisses, a little half nudity, a tidal pull of attraction, deadly sneak attacks and stir.
Vince feels no pain - will he ever feel love? Andrei feels love, but can he handle the pain that it brings? Making choices. Taking chances. Spin the chamber. That bullet could be the key to devastating loss or second chances.
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Mated to the Beast (Interstellar Brides #5) by Grace Goodwin
Mated to the Beast (Interstellar Brides #5) by Grace Goodwin #SciFi #BdSM #Novella #Standalone
After two of her brothers are killed in battle with the relentless alien menace that threatens the entire Interstellar Coalition, Sarah Mills volunteers to join the fight in an effort to bring home her last surviving brother. When she is mistakenly processed as a bride rather than a soldier, however, she rejects the match. But her mate has other ideas…
Dax is an Atlan warlord, and like all the men of his race, a primal beast lurks within him, ready to emerge in the fury of battle or the heat of the mating fever. When he learns that his bride has chosen to fight on the front lines rather than share his bed, he sets out to track her down and take what the beast demands.
Sarah is none too pleased when a massive brute claiming to be her mate arrives suddenly in the midst of a battle, and her displeasure turns to fury when Dax’s presence disrupts her mission and leads to the capture of her brother. But after her commanding officer refuses to authorize a rescue mission, Sarah’s best hope of saving the only family she has left is to accept Dax’s offer to help, even if that means giving herself to him in return.
Though he is thrilled to have located his wayward bride, Dax quickly discovers that Sarah is nothing like the meek, submissive women of his world. If he wants her, he will have to tame her, with a firm hand applied to her bare bottom if necessary. But Dax doesn’t just want Sarah, he needs her. Can she satisfy the fearsome beast within him before he loses control completely?
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The Cornerstone (The Walshes, #4) by Kate Canterbary
The Cornerstone (The Walshes #4) by Kate Canterbary #Military
A tough-as-nails businesswoman. An arrogant Navy SEAL. A power struggle with no end in sight.
Some people hook-up at weddings. Others break a hotel room bed (and a table, and a desk, and some complimentary bathrobe belts) and discover they've been surviving on bargain basement orgasms their entire lives.
The last one? Yeah. That's all me.
She's driven and demanding...I wasn't always a bitch. There's a dirty little trick to succeeding in business: the sweet and innocent rarely survive. I fought my way up from nothing, and I don't bend for anyone.
Until Will Halsted ties me to a headboard and makes me his...for now.
One wild, filthy night turns into another, and then...we can't stop. Each time we're together is more addictive than the last, but it's nothing more than a sexy escape from reality.
Or is it?
He's never walked away from a challenge...I wasn't always a warrior but now it's in my bones and blood. That's what years spent in the Special Forces does to a man. My entire life is classified: where I've been, what I've seen, what I've done, and there's no mission too dangerous.
Until I realize that falling for Shannon Walsh is like trying to swim against a riptide. She's going to tear me up and toss me to the shore, and I'll love every minute of it.
Every time I'm down range, I want her counting the hours until I'm back. Waiting for me. She's done it before; she'll do it again.
Or will she?
They're wrong for each other in every possible way...
Or are they?
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Let Me Go (Let Go, #1) by D.C. Renee
Let Me Go (Let Go #1) by D.C. Renee #Dark #NewAdult
Rape. One word changed his life. Mason Tredwell had it all. He was a good looking, well-respected doctor. He had money, power, and friends. He never worried about finding a woman to warm his bed. But that all changed when he was wrongfully accused of rape. And now, after five years in prison and the loss of everything he cared about, he wanted revenge.
Abandoned as a baby and bounced around different foster homes, Kat Gingham never really had a charmed life. But now, things were really falling apart. She had no money, no job, and even her lying, cheating boyfriend was gone too. She allowed herself one night to cry about her situation before she picked herself back up. But when she woke up, she was no longer at home, and she was no longer alone. She was facing Mason, a guy who claimed she ruined his life. And he’s hell-bent on breaking her down, humiliating her, making her feel like he has all these years.
With tension flaring, questions arising on both sides, and answers truly vague, one question remains: Will Mason let Kat go or are they both in too deep?
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One by J.M. WalkerOne (Kindle Edition) by J.M. Walker #Novella
When Mimi Reynolds meets gorgeous multi-millionaire, Bryce Owens, she never expects what he has in store for her. Drinks and dancing turn into heavy seduction and neither can control themselves. After a messy divorce, Bryce needs a night out. Hot. Messy. Fun. He has to have Mimi. He depends on her to take away the pain. To forget that heartache. Passion and lust ensnares them, wrapping them in an unyielding need of desire. But is one night truly enough?
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Ardent (The ArcKnight Chronicles #1) by Alexia PurdyArdent (The ArcKnight Chronicles #1) by Alexia Purdy #Shifters
Vengeance is the only thing worth dying for.
Teaming up with a handsome rival named Ephrem, the banished Princess Lilliana must find her stolen Ardent talisman before a sinister enemy uses it against both rival wolf pack strongholds, intertwining the destinies of the two would-be lovers.
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Take Me, Break Me (Pierced Hearts, #1) by Cari SilverwoodTake Me, Break Me (Pierced Hearts #1) by Cari Silverwood #Dark #Menage
Jodie is scraping the barrel trying to stay afloat. An idea arrives that could rescue her finances and bring her together in a kinky way with a man she never gave up on. She's terrified and fascinated, and tempted as hell.
Capture fantasies rule her eBook. Re-enacting one in a documentary would surely be irresistible viewing to millions of women?
But Jodie and Klaus discover that underneath an ordinary man dark desires may lurk. What will win in the end? The man and lover, or the monster?
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