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Kindle Erotica January 25th 2016

New Release

Her Dark Past The Corde Noire Series Book 4 by Alexandrea WeisHer Dark Past: The Corde Noire Series Book 4 by Alexandrea Weis #Paranormal
Brynn Adler is a writer with a unique ability—everywhere she goes, images of the past haunt her.
After taking over the estate of her murdered ex-husband, Nathan Cole, Brynn is at the center of a mystery. A mystery the ruthless members of the Corde Noire Society want solved. Sent to discover Brynn’s secret, Declan Corinth plans to arouse her former submissive ways. There’s just one problem … he knows nothing about being a Dom. If Declan doesn’t get what the Corde Noire requires, Brynn Adler could become its next victim. Can he win her trust in time? The clock is ticking.
To uncover the past, embrace the darkness.
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Taken by Her Mates (Interstellar Brides, #4) by Grace Goodwin
Taken by Her Mates (Interstellar Brides #4) by Grace Goodwin #Menage #SciFi #Standalone
After being set up and found guilty of a crime she didn’t commit, Jessica volunteers for the Interstellar Bride Program to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. She is assigned to a prince, the heir to the throne of the powerful planet Prillon, but her future is left in doubt when the match is rejected by Prillon’s current ruler.
When his own father seeks to banish him and deny him his right to a mate, Prince Nial takes matters into his own hands. Accompanied by a battle-tested warrior who volunteers as his second, he sets out for Earth to take what is his, but upon his arrival he quickly discovers that the same horrifying enemies who once took him captive now hunt his mate as well.
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Riddick (The Saints Book 1) by Kathy Coopmans
Riddick (The Saints #1) by Kathy Coopmans #Suspense
She told me Heaven would knock on my door one day.
That I would be swept away from the hell I lived in.
She was right about one thing and so wrong about the other.
Heaven came in the form of an angel just like she said.
An angel.
And then.
My life became hell.
She disappeared. Vanished.
I left. Went to war. Killed. All for her.
Every face was the man who took her.
Every dream filled with her.
For twelve years I existed in hell. Breathed in the fires from down below.
Until her, the woman on the beach outside of my home.
It couldn't be my Cora, my angel, my heaven on earth.
She was dead.
Wasn't she?
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Axe to Grind by Savannah Skye
Axe to Grind by Savannah Skye #Dark #Crime
I’ve been the property of the Ruffino crime family for so long, I can’t remember the last time I made a decision for myself. The most gorgeous virgin they’d ever bagged, they said. The one that would earn them millions at auction, they said. Now today, on my nineteenth birthday, the highest bidder will get me…and my virginity. I’d rather be dead than spend a lifetime as a man’s plaything, so tonight? It’s kill or be killed.
The second I laid eyes on her, it was game over. They wanted two million dollars for her, and that was a bargain. I’d have paid ten times that if I had it. Because the thought of another man’s hands on her? Made me want to tear the place apart, brick by brick. But the Capestrana family business relies on me doing my part and making nice with the Ruffinos, who own this angel. Do I want to risk all that…my family, my business, my life, to save her?
F*%k yeah, I do.
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The Redline Series by Skye CallahanThe Redline Series (Redline #1-5) by Skye Callahan #Dark #Bundle
I screwed up.
Indebted to a vile “businessman”, he offers one chance to pay back my debt, but only if I spend the next two years stripping in his club. Stripping. Catering to the most debauched men I can imagine.
Until I meet Colt.
A man just as twisted. Just as dangerous. But once I willingly climb into his car, I know there’s no turning back. Now, I’m indebted to a car thief. And he has no intent of letting me forget our deal.
Once the fuse is ignited, I have no choice but to watch my world burn.
I prefer cars to people.
Simple as that.
There’s nothing like the roar of a V8 engine, especially if I just stole it and I’m barreling down the highway past every oblivious cop in town. I need adrenaline. The rush. The never-ending pull. It’s the only thing that keeps me away from my other vice…
And then, I decided to bring a stripper home. Someone I can introduce to my love of pain. And even better, a pawn in my ultimate plan for revenge against my brother. Call me cliche. Call me petty. But once this plan is set into action. Ashville will never be the same.
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Dubious Desire (Crashing Hearts Book 1) by Zane MenzyDubious Desire (Crashing Hearts Book 1) by Zane Menzy #MM
Laid back Keegan Andrews loves his family and his friends but he hates conflict. So when his Mum and best mate, Liam, plan a big event for his eighteenth birthday against his wishes, he doesn’t argue.
Keegan warms to the idea when he discovers his girlfriend Tess is gifting him the best present ever. Sex! Finally, he will be able to “join the club” and leave his virgin status behind. Keegan secretly hopes this will cure him of a recently discovered side to himself. A side that wants nothing more than to see what the sexy jock Liam looks like underneath his clothes.
The night goes well ‘till his father’s best friend Damon arrives. The handsome womanizer ruins everything by robbing Keegan of his present.
As if that isn’t bad enough, Keegan finds out the next day he is going on a mini-getaway with Damon—alone. Biting his tongue and confused with feelings, Keegan begins to wonder how he can get even without it becoming a family dispute. Keegan decides maybe there is a way to get even… and join the club at the same time.
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Temporary Bliss (Bliss, #1) by B.J. HarveyTemporary Bliss (Bliss #1) by B.J. Harvey
Makenna Lewis cringes at any mention of the word commitment. She doesn’t want or need a relationship, but she does like sex (who doesn't).
That explains Noah, Sean, and Zander, her three 'friends with benefits'.
They know the score, they know they're not the only one, and each of them provide her with a different physical need that she craves and enjoys.
Until a late night encounter with the delicious Daniel Winters turns her preconceived notion of no-commitment completely on its head.
Soon she finds herself feeling things she vowed never to feel again, and when Daniel pushes for more than she’s willing to give, she falters.
What do you do when something that you’ve known to be so wrong in the past feels so damn right?
If you’re Mac, you run and hide.
But is Daniel the type of man who takes no for an answer?
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