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Kindle Erotica January 15th

New Release

ZACK (The Beckett Boys, Book Five) by Olivia ChaseZACK (The Beckett Boys, Book Five) by Olivia Chase #BdSM #Standalone
Her lips curve in a way that has me aching to taste her. Autumn is way too good for me. If I were a good man, I’d drop her off at home and never see her again.
Too bad I’m not that honorable. I can’t stop caressing her bare flesh. My d**k is pounding to press between those sexy lips. But it’s more than just lust between us.
Autumn is changing me in ways that surprise me, and even scare me a little. I have my brothers to worry about, and I live in a world where I can’t afford to be soft.
I have to be hard. At all times. Autumn makes me want a different life for myself, but I know we can never work. In the end, I will always break her beautiful heart.

He screams sexiness. Wickedness. He’s hotter than anyone I’ve ever met. I’ve never felt instantly attracted to someone this way before. Especially someone who is clearly dangerous.
But I’ve never felt so alive as I have with him. I always assumed I was a good girl, but Zack makes me feel bad. And now I realize that I’m not just the good girl my parents raised me to be.
I have a wild side, and Zack Beckett brings it out of me like nobody else. He does things to me that no one’s ever done before. And I want more.
But then I see the other side of him. The side that makes him do crazy things. The side that makes him feud with his cousins, fight, get into trouble with the law.
Zack doesn’t seem to understand that I need a man who I can trust, who I know will do the right thing. The hard thing. Or maybe it’s me that doesn’t understand.
Because Zack Beckett never pretended to be anything other than what he was. Maybe I’m the phony after all. And maybe I’m the one who’s going to end up with a broken heart.
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Black - The complete series. by T.L Smith
Black - The complete series. by T.L Smith #Dark
Black (Book 1)
I am loyal, but I will betray you.
I am strong, but I have scars.
I am an angel, but the devil.
I met her when I was sixteen and she was a breath of fresh air. She swooped in, making me smile. But then she left, taking my next breath with her.
Her smile could light up a room, making my black heart pitter patter.
I found her again ten years later, with a syringe in her arm.
Blood coming from between her legs.
She was broken and I was glad she was broken. She wouldn't think less of me and my damaged ways.

Red (Book 2)
A wound to the heart, a hole so deep.
Can it be fixed?
Or simply replaced?
People lie. Those closest to me, tell the most lies.
Do they not know who I am? What I’m capable of?
Sometimes I wonder if they do. Because when I unravel their lies, they will be delivered to the hell I once visited. And it won’t be pleasant.

White (Book 3)
Everything changes, in seconds, minutes, hours.
I know, it happened to me.
It wasn’t for the better, it was for the worst.
I am broken, no that doesn’t sound right, I am chipped. Pieces of me have been chipped so bad that it’s impossible to claim them back. Even if I want to, even if its for her.
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Blackwood by Celia Aaron
Blackwood by Celia Aaron #Dark #BdSM #Bonus
I dig. It's what I do. I'll literally use a shovel to answer a question. Some answers, though, have been buried too deep for too long. But I'll find those, too. And I know where to dig--the Blackwood Estate on the edge of the Mississippi Delta. Garrett Blackwood is the only thing standing between me and the truth. A broken man--one with desires that dance in the darkest part of my soul--he's either my savior or my enemy. I'll dig until I find all his secrets. Then I'll run so he never finds mine. The only problem? He likes it when I run.
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El Diablo (The Devil, #1) by M. Robinson
El Diablo (The Devil #1) by M. Robinson #Dark
I was ruthless.
I was feared.
I had sacrificed. Myself. Her. Everything...
Living in a world where I was worth more dead than alive was a choice. I was a bad man, never claimed to be anything else. I’ve done things I’m not proud of. Seen things that can’t be unseen. I’ve caused pain that I can’t undo.
It was all my choice.
Every decision.
Every order.
Right and wrong never mattered.
Until her.
She was under my protection, until she became my obsession.
But who was going to save her...
From. Me. The devil himself.
Fate brought us together. Destiny destroyed us.
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Six by James CrowSix by James Crow #BdSM
I sell more than sex. I sell experiences.
My clients are women of taste and style, with money to lavish on their most intimate fantasies.
The contract is clear: Absolute confidentiality. No limits. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
I take them to that place in the half-light, where pleasure blurs with pain, and sex becomes so much more. Beautiful filth, sweet and dirty and so fucking delicious. They take it all and always come back for more.
I’m in it for the money, and maybe the pleasure, too.
I don’t do emotional involvement. Ever. I’m a professional, and this is business.
Until she walks in.
Client number SIX
And things get really fucking complicated.
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Step Beast by Selena KittStep Beast by Selena Kitt #Taboo #BdSM
They call him Beast because he fights and f*cks like one. Because he’s built like the tanks he rode in Afghanistan.
Beneath Conrad "Beast" Beeston III’s fierce, intense gaze, his brooding temperament, his knuckles scarred from fighting, lurks a wild man, his strong, broad back darkly inked with his own hard truths.
He only has one mode, and “Beast” is it. He ripped through Tilly's life, tearing it to shreds, and then he was gone, giving a stiff middle finger to a life of entitlement. He left her like he leaves them all—with little more than a broken heart. But for Tilly, there was one more thing.
He left her with an unbearable secret she’s been forced to keep for years.
Tilly’s privileged life, after her recent graduation from Mt. Holyoke, has come to a screeching halt under tragic circumstances. Had she really believed she’d never see her Devil Dog stepbrother again?
Now he’s coming home—and she’s forced to face his cocky smirk and arrogant swagger, to look once again into the eyes of the monster who left her.
Forced to confront him, what she sees is a raw, broken, tortured man who just might be the only person she knows keeping even bigger secrets than she is.
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Beyond Eden (Eden, #1) by Kele MoonBeyond Eden (Eden #1) by Kele Moon #BdSM #Menage
Three lifelong friends find themselves tangled in a web of love, pain and dangerous secrets in this erotic Garden of Eden tale.
Tall, dark and handsome Danny Carlow has always gotten whatever he wants except for the two he desires more than anything--his best friends, lovers Paul and Eve. Determined to claim what was never supposed to be his, Danny waits like a snake in the grass, poised for the right moment to offer them a temptation too delicious to resist.
Artist Eve Everton made the painful decision to leave her true love Paul for the siren call of New York City. Now ten years later, with her life in shambles, she returns. When Paul's waiting arms aren't available, Eve falls for Danny's charm and finds herself a willing accomplice in the dangerous games Danny plays.
Paul Mattling is a successful attorney with a bright future ahead of him, but behind those brilliant blue eyes are secret desires for a taste of the forbidden. Will he play it safe or give in to Danny and Eve and bite the apple?
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