Samstag, 21. Januar 2017

Author Advice: How to quickly format your manuscript for KDP - the curse of the page count

Many independent authors know the pain of the page count calculation of KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). I have seen author manuscripts with 120 book pages that suddenly had 79 digital pages on their product page.
Usually this happens when a word document is uploaded, because the conversion process of KDP does not recognize most of the formatting in this file format.
If you uploaded the document of your paperback formatted manuscript, you can easily contact customer service and ask to match the kindle page count to the paperback.

But what if you don't have a paperback version?
The problem with with ebooks is that you cannot format your text beautifully, after the rules of formatting that apply to paperback, so, there are only a few rules you have to follow to quickly format your book for KDP:

  • Make sure that you have specific style sheets for specific tasks: 
    1. one for the heading
    2. one for the text following the heading (starting without a tab)
    3. one for the regular text
      => easiest solution: download a manuscript template from Createspace (Amazon's printing on demand service), preferably Createspace's default: 6x9 inches (there is also one with a sample text), and use the preset style sheets
  • Once you have finished writing, save an additional version of your text as html-format
  • Make sure that you have entered a page break after every chapter, the title, the acknowledgements, your dedication, and the abstract/chapterlist.
Like this you can make sure that the page count of the mobi-file is as close as to the page count of your manuscript as possible.

Of course, should you look for something more than just the simple formatting, it's better, easier, and worth it to use a formatting service. They know what to do and can make sure that your wished regarding the design of your eBook is exactly how you want it.

You can either hire a service through me in combination with other services, or check out these formatting services:

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