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Kindle Erotica December 18th 2016

New Release
Bitter Truths (The Denton Family Legacy Book 3) by Sam CrescentBitter Truths (The Denton Family Legacy #3) by Sam Crescent 
#Mafia #Novella
Ruby Santos mistakenly believes the Dentons killed her brother. For the past ten years she has been training, forgetting her own wants and desires to kill the men responsible for taking the ones she loved. When she strikes at Oliver Denton, she never expects to be the one chained up by the end of the night.
The woman destined to be his wants to kill him. It’s just typical. But Oliver can’t let her go, and the more he gets to know Ruby, the more he realizes that she is perfect for him. He will do everything he can to bring the justice that she seeks.
Against all odds, Ruby finds herself falling for the crazy Denton. Yet how can she have a future with a man she once wanted to kill? But when the truth of her family’s killer comes to light, it’s not the only thing that comes out of the Denton closet. Their greatest enemy could tear the entire Denton family apart and Ruby with them.
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Only After Dark (Only After Dark, #1-4) by Elle ThorneOnly After Dark (Only After Dark #1-4) by Elle Thorne 
Follow the Arceneaux family, a group of white tiger shifters in Louisiana where they find love... and heart-stopping danger in other species of supernatural beings. Full of romance, suspense, and gritty drama, this red-hot collection is sure to entertain!
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Darkest Hour (DARC Ops, #0.5) by Jamie GarrettDarkest Hour (DARC Ops 0.5) by Jamie Garrett #Suspense 
He was a Navy SEAL, a damn good one. It was all he knew how to be, until the fateful day that changed everything.
Jackson Archer’s life, and the lives of the men under his command, was changed forever that day in Tripoli. Medically discharged from the SEALs and silenced by a corrupt mission commander, he sinks into a deep depression.
Until reporter Annica Lawson starts asking questions.
She seems to know all about what happened that day—to him, Tansy, Jasper, and Matthias. Things Jackson’s never told anyone outside of his command. The sexy reporter awakens things in Jackson, things he thought were maybe dead for good.
Annica offers them a chance to tell their story, to clear their names. But is she really after the truth, or is she working for those who want to silence them for good?
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Shattered (Shattered Heart, #1) by K.E. OsbornShattered (Shattered Heart #1) by K.E. Osborn 
What would you do if the life you lived, the life you loved, was ripped from you tragically? How could life possibly go on? The only way to function and to continue living is to become someone else. Someone completely different to who you were.
When life breaks you the only thing you can do is fight back. But at what cost? If you become someone else, the polar opposite to everything you stand for, does becoming The Violet Widow make anything better? Or will it make everything a hundred times worse?
Finding love is something The Violet Widow never thought possible, but when an unknown man shows up on the five-year anniversary of her life changing, how can she resist the handsome stranger?
Her walls are up. She is guarded.
So how can one possibly love again after losing so much?
The answer is simple - choose to live!
What path will she take? The path to fade into the darkness, or the path to live?
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Only for You (Forever and Always, #1) by E.L. ToddOnly for You (Forever and Always #1) by E.L. Todd 
Scarlet has been my best friend for ten years.
Sure, I'm attracted to her.
Sure, I really care about her.
But it's never been more than that.
On one stupid night we have too much to drink. Shots are downed and the liquor is flowing. And before I know it, I'm going for it. It sounds like a great idea, at least in the moment.
But what will happen when we wake up tomorrow?
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The Panty Ripper I (The Panty Ripper, #1) by Reality WayThe Panty Ripper I (The Panty Ripper #1) by 
Reality Way
Reality Way introduces to the world Omar Goodness better known as The Panty Ripper. Omar has it all smarts, the looks and plenty of money in his bank account. The one thing he's lacking is a woman that he can call his own. That is until he meets a woman that he can't seem to get off his mind. Omar is willing to get his dream girl by any means necessary even if that means he has to get down and dirty. He's even willing to break a few laws or bones if necessary. Will Omar get the woman of his dreams or will his reputation of being a panty ripping sex machine get in the way of his happily ever after?

Join Reality Way as he takes you on a hot, steamy, sexy ride that's sure to have you moaning for more.
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The Billionaire's Sub (Billionaire's Sub, #1) by M.S. ParkerThe Billionaire's Sub (Billionaire's Sub #1) by M.S. Parker 
#BdSM #Standalone
Moving to Hollywood after graduation was supposed to be my first step into the adult world, a chance for me to live life on my terms. It'd worked for my older sister. I just hadn't realized how much until she shared her darkest secret with me.
When twenty-one year-old Hanna Breckenridge moves across the country to take a job as her sister's business manager, she has no idea the culture shock she's in for. When billionaire Cross Phillips approaches her, she's flattered, only to find out that he'd been interested for reasons far different than anything Hanna would've imagined. When things take a dangerous turn, she's forced to decide just how much she can trust this gorgeous man.
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