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Kindle Erotica December 16th 2016

New Release

Fall with Me (Sixth Street Bands #2) by Jayne Frost Fall with Me (Sixth Street Bands #2) by Jayne Frost 
#NewAdult #Illness
As the bassist for the band Caged, the last three years have been one, long non-stop party. Sure, I’ve had some regrets. Everyone does. But getting trapped in a relationship isn’t one of them. I know good and well what happens when the attraction fades. I’ve seen it first hand. Love is a zero sum game, so why play? As long as I'm upfront about my feelings, no one gets hurt. Besides, I'm never in one place long enough to worry about tomorrow.
That is, until the band decided to take an extended hiatus in our hometown. That’s when I met Melody Sullivan. She’s the full-package. Whip smart and beautiful, with enough determination to take on anything life has in store. And the best part? Melody shares my philosophy on the fleeting nature of attraction. She doesn’t buy into the whole “happily ever after” crap anymore than I do. We’re perfect for each other. For now. And now is all I want.
With the expectations off the table, I can let my guard down and enjoy her company until the spark dies. And we both know it will. In a week, or a month. But until then, we’ll just keep having fun. The good kind, with lots of sex and no strings attached. And when it’s time to move on, we will. No drawn out goodbyes and no remorse.
That’s the plan, at least.
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99ct Deals

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Taboo Desires by Miranda Cougar Taboo Desires by Miranda Cougar 
What's your Secret Desire?
Hotwives. Brats. MILFs. GILFs. Young Studs. First Timers. BBWs. Milky Maids
...and more taboo vixens too naughty to mention.
With a massive 190,000+ hot and steamy words, Taboo Desires: Dirty Forbidden Secrets Bundle will fully satisfy you!
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Slow Play (The Rules Book 3) by Monica Murphy Slow Play (The Rules #3) by Monica Murphy 
#NewAdult #Standalone
He's the player of all players...
Newly broke girl Alexandria Asher just wants to live a normal life. After her parents are sent to prison on embezzlement charges, she enrolls in college under her mother's maiden name and tries her best to pretend she's someone else.
Tristan Prescott is everything Alex is trying to avoid. A seemingly egotistical, lazy, rich jerk, she dumps her beer on his head when he comes on to her one night at a party. This only spurs Tristan into action. He loves nothing more than a challenge. And the beautiful Alex is exactly the type of challenge that intrigues him.
Despite her reluctance, Alex finds herself quickly involved with Tristan. Underneath that playboy exterior is a good guy, a sweet and sexy guy who she is undoubtedly falling for. What they both don't realize is the actions of Alex's parents are the reason for so much tragedy in Tristan's family. And when Tristan discovers who Alex and her family really is, can he forgive and forget?
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Calen's Captive (A Singular Obsession, #2) by Lucy Leroux Calen's Captive (A Singular Obsession #2) by Lucy Leroux 
#Suspense #Standalone
Calen is a good man from a bad family. He’s worked hard for success, but something’s missing…or rather, someone.
Calen is the son of an Irish mobster, but he’s rejected his legacy and has made a name for himself as a club owner. After years of hard work, he has the life he’s always wanted. Almost.
Then his father asks him to take a meeting with a rival crew. It’s too important to say no. Reluctantly, he drives out to the middle of nowhere to meet them. There to negotiate for reparations, he sees an innocent girl being held against her will—someone who looks very familiar.
Unwilling to leave the girl to a fate worse than death, he demands she be included as part of the deal. Maia is forced to stay with Calen for her safety, but she soon finds out he has ulterior motives for protecting her.
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A Lil' Less Broken (The Kingsmen MC, #1) by Tara Oakes A Lil' Less Broken (The Kingsmen MC #1) by Tara Oakes
Lil's and Jay lived their very own fairytale biker romance. He was her first love, her only love. She was what he needed, what he wanted.
Insecurities, fear and misconceptions lead Lil's to make a heartbreaking decision to abandon that life and love behind, before it consumes and destroys her as it did her mother years earlier.
But.. moving on isn't so easy when you are deeply connected to your past.
When Lil's finds herself in a whirlwind of danger her knight in shining armor, er..., her badass biker on a Harley bails her out. But at what cost?
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Inevitable (Key West, #2) by C.A. Harms Inevitable (Key West #2) by C.A. Harms 
Harper Jameson, had built the necessary walls to keep her heart safe. Never again would she allow herself to become weak and vulnerable.
Confident and full of attitude.
A mask she wore that many fell for…
Except Easton Black.
He was equally confident, cocky and knew what he wanted.
Things he wanted rarely escaped his grasp. He was immune to the façade Harper had created.
She was Intriguing.
It was Inevitable and Harper could sense that there was no way out. Easton Black would no doubt be the man who could change everything.
People aren’t always as strong as they appear to be on the outside…
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Wild Heart A BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance (Dartmoor Big Cat Brides Book 1) by Freya Jackson Wild Heart: A BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance (Dartmoor Big Cat Brides Book 1) by Freya Jackson & Serenity Woods 
The jaguar believes in soul mates. The man’s not convinced. Will Liv change his mind?
Pediatrician Caiden Tyler has always worked hard and played hard, but lately he’s grown tired of the dating game. All he wants is an old-fashioned girl who can embrace his inner jaguar and match his high sex drive with the passion both he and his big cat needs. When he first spots Match by Mail’s brochure, he doesn’t believe he’ll find the soul mate his cat insists is out there for them. Then he meets Liv…
The curvy blonde journalist applied to the agency while researching a news article on dating agencies. Her previous relationship ended in disaster, and finding love is the last thing on her mind. Then she sees Caiden’s bio. She’s always had a fascination with the big cats that are rumored to exist on Dartmoor, and something tells her there’s more to the gorgeous doctor than meets the eye.
The jaguar convinces him she’s his destiny, but then Caiden discovers the truth behind why she applied to the agency. He’s just learned to trust again and now everything’s falling apart. Should he listen to his cool head or his wild heart?
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