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Kindle Erotica November 13th 2016

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Bastards and Angels (Sinners Book 2) by K. Renee Bastards and Angels (Sinners Book 2) by K. Renee #Crime
I’m a bastard and she is the angel who loves me.
Wanting her was never part of the plan. She came into my life when I needed to be saved. She saved me from a loveless marriage and myself.
She doesn’t know how much she’s changed my life in a few years, but I owe her everything.
They say you can’t change a whore into a housewife, but to me she was never a whore. She was my escape, the one good thing in my life.
We are like oil and water. We fight, we fuck, and we make up.
She tells me I’m a bastard and she’s right, I am. I don’t disagree. She knows exactly the type of man I am. I will go to hell and back to protect what’s mine, and she is mine. She may not realize it yet, but I’m not letting her go.
Your past is never really gone. Trust me I learned the hard way. My past wanted all of me and I wasn’t ready to give up yet. Fighting for her and my family is the only thing that I am good at, and I won’t back down.
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Cross the Line (Boston Love, #2) by Julie Johnson Cross the Line (Boston Love #2) by Julie Johnson #Military #Humor
Phoebe West has been head-over-heels in love with her brother’s best friend for as long as she can remember.
Not that he’s bothered to notice.
Despite several mortifying attempts at seduction and a decade’s worth of unrequited pining, nothing Phoebe does seems to make any impact on the man she’s obsessed over since her bra-stuffing days. She knows it’s time to let him go, though just the thought is nearly enough to shatter her…
Nathaniel “Nate” Knox has only ever seen Phoebe as one thing: forbidden.
There’s a darkness in Nate, the kind you can’t avoid after years working in special forces and private security. He’s no good for anyone — especially not someone as sweet as his best friend’s little sister. He knows he can’t have her. Not ever. Even if she makes him feel things he barely recognizes...
Some lines aren’t meant to be crossed.
When an unforeseeable series of events sends Phoebe stumbling headfirst into danger, there’s only one man who can protect her. Though, in his quest to save her life, he may just break her heart...
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Bind (The Donovan Dynasty #1) by Sierra Cartwright Bind (The Donovan Dynasty #1) by Sierra Cartwright #BdSM #Taboo
Only one man can help her. Is she willing to pay his price?
Faced with the potentially overwhelming loss of her family’s fortune, Lara Bertrand turns to the one man who can help her, the gorgeous and powerful Connor Donovan.
She knows he’s dangerous to her on every level. Only desperation would drive her to make such a risky proposition. After all, she knows all about his ruthless nature and relentless determination to succeed.
When the classy, elegant Lara walks into his office with an outrageous proposal, Connor is stunned and more than a little intrigued. Ever since he first met her, he’s been attracted to the cool beauty, but she’s more than kept her distance.
Connor is absolutely willing to help her out. For a price. He not only wants her hand in marriage, but also her total submissive surrender…
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Lumberjack (A Real Man, #1) by Jenika Snow Prince With Benefits: A #Billionaire #Royal #Romance by Nicole Snow
Cinderella had it easy. I'm lying to millions of people, and it's all Silas' fault.
Yes, that Silas. Billionaire. Prince. Scandals galore. Downright royal b*stard.
Everything that screams run. If only it weren't for his rock hard edges and wild tattoos, tempting anything female on all seven continents.
But I don't care about his looks. Really.
Our deal is simple. He needs a pretty little lie, a wife to cover up his dirty deeds. I need a fortune to buy the treatment that just might save my father's life.
Match made in hell? Totally, and I'm going to make it work.
No, I'm not stupid. I'm not getting played by this billionaire prince. Forget his banter, his charms, the rumors I've heard about his ridiculously over-sized...ego.
What's that phrase he teases me with - Prince with benefits? Not in a billion years.
Yes, I'll lie for him. But I swear, my panties are absolutely, positively not melting every time I imagine his kiss...

It's almost perfect. An engagement with an American girl, desperate as she is beautiful. Anything goes with Erin, except one rule.
Her body's off limits. She's joking, right?
Charming any girl I want into my bed doesn't mean a thing when there's only one on my mind.
I want Miss Make Believe. My fake, sassy, sexy fiancee. She, who says 'no,' and makes me so obsessed I'm about to trade in my designer suit for a straitjacket.
I convinced her to wear my ring, easy. I'll get her clothes off next. Show her what the world's most infamous player does when he's on fire. Then I'll move on.
No more playing castle. I'll have my Princess with benefits on her knees, treating me like royalty...
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Yes, Please (Please, #1) by Willow Summers Yes, Please (Please #1) by Willow Summers #NewAdult #Famous
He won't let anyone close.
Two rules: No kissing. No falling in love.
The rules are to protect himself. He won't talk about why.
Hunter Carlisle is looking for a new admin, and he chose me. Filthy rich and sinfully handsome, he's the bachelor everyone wants. But this job isn't just getting him coffee. He wants complete control. Intimately.
My bank account is nearly empty and rent is due in a week. I need the money, but I don't know if I can follow his rules. I don't know if I can separate duty, from pleasure.
My only defense is saying no, but everything in my body wants to say yes....
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Eraser (Eraser #1) by Megan Keith Eraser (Eraser #1) by Megan Keith #BdSM #Novella
A man with no name.
Once a week he frequents the bar where Mackenzie works. He orders the same drink, scotch on the rocks, and he sits back on the same lounge chair, quietly watching… waiting…
He has money - that much is obvious. He wears his tailored suits well. He smells divine, of expensive cologne, and orders his scotch from the top shelf.
He drinks alone, but he never leaves that way. With a snap of his fingers, a flick of his eyes, a glimmer of a smile, he gets the attention of the most attractive women in the bar.
This time his focus is on Mackenzie. Instead of feeling nervous Mackenzie is enthralled, intrigued… and aroused.
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Heart of Eve (Trilogy of Eve) by Pam Godwin Heart of Eve (Trilogy of Eve #1.5) by Pam Godwin #Dystopia #Dark #Novella
My vow of celibacy has never been broken nor tempted, not even when the plague thrust me into a lawless, brutal world.
So why did God send the only surviving woman to a priest? To test me? Or to save me?
*This is a 10,000-word novelette and can be read as an introduction to the Trilogy of Eve or as bonus material between the other books. It was previously published in the For the First Time anthology.
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