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Review: Dark Alley: Master

Dark Alley: Master Dark Alley: Master by D.S. Wrights
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

holy hotness

You know you're working to much when you forget to post reviews...

This installment... oh my gawd... I believe this must have been the absolute hottest read I've read this year and that only in 78 pages.

cooling off

This time around it's first Bella/Alice who takes what she wants as she decides that no one keeps her waiting and after that, I didn't expect a certain someone to show up, only to melt into a puddle of arousal after that.

oh yeah

Finally, we get a confirmation about something we've assumed the first and second episode, but it's not a disappointment that there is no plot twist regarding that.

thumbs up

However, there's nothing more to tell without spoiling the fun, apart from that there is a foreshadowing to what happens in the already announced episode four: Dark Alley Need. Apart from that, the blurbs have been added with the information that this "season" will have eight installments. Yay!



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