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Review: The Beast Is Me

The Beast Is Me The Beast Is Me by D.S. Wrights
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Even Amazon knows by now that I am one of D.S. Wrights biggest fans and beta-reader, which is why I am not allowed to send in reviews for her books. This will not be an exception, because I absolutely loved it. It is amazing to witness an indie author improve and grow and that being said: this book is her best work so far!

fuck yes

Of course it is still in diary format, which limits the the narration, but I have always loved to be in Meg's head, as her thoughts are repeatable and now really turn sinister, yet exciting.

Just as the blurb promises we continue almost instantly with where we left off at book three. And aren't we all heartbroken about the end of The Beast In Us and less than pleased about of all beasts it had to be Daniel frigging "Four" to be pulled out by Meg.

not pleased

Yes, this was me. The more surprised I am about the slow revelation D.S. Wrights offers us, having him sneak up on us, while still protesting that it always will be Jay. But there is something happening between Daniel and Meg, probably just because she embraces her beast as Dan does. Plus, there is absolutely no denying that Daniel dropping his a$$hole act has it's appeal.


And then there is Meg setting out for revenge with no-holds-barred. When I started this series, who knew that this timid, scared girl would turn into a force to be reckon with? I have a girl crush now.

turned on

Again, the blurb keeps its promises and since I don't want to spoil anything. I'll just hint it with some gifs hidden behind a spoiler:

(view spoiler)

5 epic stars aka 5.5 stars


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