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Review: The Haircut

The Haircut The Haircut by Lusty Soul
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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We reconnect a well known character in this short again. It is Lucy again, who awe already met in Spicy Dinner for Three, but you do not have to read that book first.
What starts as another adventure for our pansexual human with the soul of a succubus ends up with more than just one revelation.

I can't really go that much into details with this short. I definitely liked it more than its predecessor, however it has a few weaknesses that makes me give it only four stars. But as short always seem to lack something for me, it's probably the highest rating one can get.

Personally, for me happened too much in these 44 pages and had two contingency problems.
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These would normally be enough to strip another star, but I liked the whole story too much, especially because it's emotionally satisfying and that is something hard to achieve in a short.

four stars

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