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Review: Hard & Dirty

Hard & Dirty Hard & Dirty by Kami Kayne
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

First off: This books has several "bonus" stories, which increases the page count drastically! The story itself ends at only 17%, which is why I lowered my rating for half a star.


The setup of the story is under developed, just as most of the porn movies. It's unrealistic and it doesn't feel like the author really cared about making the situation believable. There were no explanations that would have made the whole ordeal at least a bit comprehensible.

The female lead is a virgin but all set up to seduce the not too much older Stepdad. For me it wasn't believable either. Which 18 you usually have some sort of insecurity. I couldn't buy it.

Last but not least: the writing style. Somehow I cannot find words that don't sound in some way scathing. Probably there are people who actually enjoy a lowbrow narrative but it just emphasized to me what the story was already lacking. It was neither sexy nor naughty but rather awkward, as if a teen made an attempt to write a new, more taboo-isher version of 50 Shades...

The story itself wasn't that bad. I've actually read things that were way worse, which this book ends up with rounded up 1.5 stars.

one point five stars

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