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Review: The Beast In Us

The Beast In Us The Beast In Us by D.S. Wrights
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FINALLY! There it is!
big eyes
We waited a whole year for it tho finally read how the story of Meg and Jay continues and it is oh so perfect! Thing is there isn't much I can tell you about the book to spoil you, especially if you haven't read the series yet.
However, I've read a few reviews and I agree: it's the best one yet!

You get it all: darkness, sexy scenes, trauma, powerfulness, deceit, hate, love and did I say sexy scenes?

This book starts slow, but once it has found it's momentum, you forget to breathe. And the best thing about this book is - Jay too, but - it's Meg. Her transformation from the weak human girl to a strong mastermind amazon is just wonderful to read.

emma smirks

Now! spoiler regarding the ending, read on your own risk!
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5 epic stars

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