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Review: Fighting For Love

Fighting For Love Fighting For Love by Kristal McKerrington
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


I was looking forward to read an erotica book about a wrestler and his girl and I think that the story idea did have potential but the execution was poor. And with that I can only agree with some of the other reviewers: it seems like the author didn't have a beta-reader and editor, because both could have avoided this car-crash.

The plot felt unplanned, the vocabulary repetitive, no paragraphs at all, and when there was formatting it didn't make sense. Often it seemed to me that there were misuses of words that had me re-read a sentence once or twice. Like "he" instead of "she" or worse.
Don't get me started on the alternative names for the male and female organs.

car crash

It seems to me that many authors feel like they have to switch POVs for some reason. Problem is, if that isn't executed professionally you end up having even more repetitions.
the story itself enfolded far too quickly to be realistic, and the fact that they met before but he isn't aware of that and just remembers her from the crowd when he's wrestling collides with the insta-attraction/insta-love they have.
Again: there is a strong need for an editor.


So now, you probably are confused that this book has two stars: the sex scenes. I'm always very picky about those and I must say that I enjoyed how they were described, because they were not clinical but sensual.

review copy

I urge the author to have this book edited if not reworked. Also the cover does not speak "wrestling at all".


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