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Review: Bound to You: Volume 3

Bound to You: Volume 3 Bound to You: Volume 3 by Vanessa Booke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

holy hotness

This one was definitely the hottest part of the serial. Holy Trinity of Hotness! I will probably go back and re-read those scenes because they are so well written and naughtily delicious!

sexy wink

Sadly those scenes are not enought to mend some - for me - strong weaknesses of the story, althought I wasn't as disappointed as I was of the second part where our leads behave that non-grown-up. Yes, your braing might not work at full capacity when a sex-god(dess) stands in front of you, but when they aren't ... but that's not exactly what happens in the book.
The only one being stupid here is Becca for believing someone who obviously has an own agenda, but Nick is my hero.

Emma smiles

This is officially a neatly wrapped package, but Amazon and Goodreads point out that there is a volume 4 part one and two, which I have mixed feelings about.

four stars

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