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Review: Bound to You: Volume 2

Bound to You: Volume 2 Bound to You: Volume 2 by Vanessa Booke
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Finally I took the time to read the second part of this serial and it was a real roller-coaster-ride... only not in a particular good way. What troubled me a little bit in the first part had an even stronger impact on this one. There were some scenes that simply were unrealistic to me, and I'm a sucker for that. If you don't care about that for the sake of drama and romance, you will definitely love this one even more than the first. But I can't.


I even got close to rate this with two stars if Tristan hadn't swooped in and made be laugh being the grand best-friend that he is. Apart from that, the way Becca and Nick behaved in the second third I just was shaking my head. BUT! This part ends on a high note and a not overly surprising cliff-hanger. It still would have made me purchase part three. Because, honestly, Vanessa Booke's writing style is just snarky and fun.

three stars

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