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Review: Alzabreah's Garden

Alzabreah's Garden Alzabreah's Garden by Gary Starta
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

science fiction

Alzabreah's Garden suffers from - what I like to call it - creator's disease. There are among the species of authors those with a unique skill set of creating new worlds and new theories. Unfortunately these authors often lose either focus or expect from the reader to read between the lines and instinctively get what he or she is talking about.
In this case it's the first.


This book started out with a huge potential. I was stoked to find another science fiction story laced with erotica.
The theory of genetic engineering and what good and bad might come from it, a genius driven by false believes and paranoia, a prodigy woman fighting sexism only to become sexist herself, a forbidden love, a (not-so) mysterious murder...

we could have had it all

I was willing to ignore the not so captivating or sexy writing style, referring to the lady parts as "pleasure zone" or using the word "mouth" four times withing six sentences. I didn't mind that I needed a few pages to get into the story - after all I'm German - and I most certainly enjoyed the scientific rambling about gene-manipulation, because I love stuff like that.


It all went well, it was intriguing enough for me to keep reading until POVs were switched and the amused murderer pretty much instantly lets us know that she killed the victim. Huge letdown.
I was willing to continue, as I expected something absolutely mischievous to come, only to be disappointed. This story let many opportunities for plot twists pass by, only to come up with something more freaky, which completely ruined the story.
Entwining story lines is like skipping with two persons, if the secondary has to jump in and it isn't done well, you have two knotted people on the ground. And that's what happened here.


I can't give this book more than two stars. And that's solely for the potential and originality and potential of this story.

two stars

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