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Review: Naughty Tales of Leather & Latex

Naughty Tales of Leather & Latex Naughty Tales of Leather & Latex by Roxy Katt
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

literal porn

I cannot say much about this anthology of shorty-shorts without ruining the fun. These stories fit into a niche of a niche and are written for readers with a very specific taste.

If rubber is your fetish, if you enjoy accompanying a lesbian fem-dom, if you love the bottom to be utmost humiliated, if you are looking for stories to heat you up and get you into the right mood without really getting you there: this book is it for you.
You're going to relish every word of this indignant, rude, disrespectful, and her partners truly humiliating lead.

I couldn't. Reading these stories did nothing to me apart from my eyes threatening to roll out of my sockets. I'm not a fan of pure humiliation and these stories are set around it. I was missing the satisfying end and I honestly couldn't make it to the third story, since the first and second were so much alike. There is a very brief lead up to the actual act and no satisfaction at the end. At least for me.


I almost feel unjust giving this anthology only two stars, but I simply cannot bring myself to like what I have read. It's simply not my thing and giving it three "I like it" stars would be me blatantly lying. So, here you have the classical reason why it's not a one star: it was not bad just not my thing.

two stars

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