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Review: The Disturbia Ritual

The Disturbia Ritual The Disturbia Ritual by Lilith K. Duat
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Starting this review I still don't know how many stars to give this interesting piece of work. The writing is poetic, the world setting is as if it was born from director Guillermo del Toro's fantastic mind - say Pan's Labirynth and Hellboy 2 - dark, slightly disturbing and beautiful in its own right.
And that's it.


Each chapter of this novella contains one encounter which is almost every time explicit, exploring the fantasy of having sex with a different mythological or paranormal creature.
These scenes and their poetic description - not straying at all from the tone that is used to describe the surroundings - left me completely detached. The permanent switching between the main character Corvus and his partners is not helping, quite the contrary.

I caught myself skipping those scenes, hoping to learn more about the two leads Corvus and Midnight, already anticipating what was happening at the end of the book, which wasn't a big surprise. I must admit that the final revelation was fitting just too perfect and was annoying for me.


It is a book centered around erotica, but it didn't make me feel anything. The writing style makes it appear like a fable, which it isn't. I can't find any lesson or meaning behind this story. Probably I simply don't get it. Yes, it has some disturbing content, a unique setting and for me, personally, it didn't live up to its potential.

2.5 stars


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