Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

#ShoutOut ♡♡♡ VALENTINE’S DAY RELEASE ♡♡♡ ♡ LIVE ♡ LIVE ♡...

Check out Yolanda Olson’s newest release, a HEA for the twisted ones -
Rebound: Love Burns
Loathing. Lust. Love.
Having committed herself to finally finding her one true love, Luna Odell jumps into the world of online dating. A recluse in her own right due to her upbringing, she scours the internet until she finds one website that catches her attention. One that she knows her soulmate will be on.
After weeks of silence and having the feelings of being unwanted wash over her again, she finally gets the message that she’s been waiting for. When she engages in conversation with Nixon Thorne, she’s sure that she’s met her match in every way, but are things what they seem?
Taking a chance seems like the reasonable thing to do, and when Luna and Nixon finally meet and the sparks begin to fly, they realize that there could be way more to each other than meets the eye
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