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Review: Spicy Dinner for Three

Spicy Dinner for Three Spicy Dinner for Three by Lusty Soul
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


When I started this short novella I was certain it would be a five star read for me, which is why I am a bit more disappointed than I probably were if I hadn't gotten my hopes up.

Lusty Soul's or Lucy's narrative is playful, smart, and absolutely entertaining and her leading up to what would be the desert of a spicy dinner for three was promising to go for the stars. If it wasn't for the detour of delving in memories of other sexual encounters and the seduction of Sabine that took up about 50% of the book.
Be warned: exactly when things start to become real fun, you are going to go down history lane for a far longer period as the promised desert is going to be.


Don't get me wrong, it still naughty and hot, but it's like "let's take a short break from the super bowl to promote this super hot and sweet lesbian erotic romance". It's nice to look at but you are just waiting for the game to continue.


I couldn't enjoy it as I would have if it had happened earlier in the narrative. That and some comparisons and descriptions of the act and the involved body parts and juices kind of ruined the whole thing for me. Plus the fact that what I was waiting for eventually was far too short.
And of course there is the classical wasted opportunity of having the chance to involve sensations and emotions and not just describing the interactions as if the book was a movie.

Oh, I almost forgot - and I guess that's the reason why I am not rounding up to four stars is, that somewhere around the first third Lucy starts to compare or see herself carefully as a succubi (female sex-demon) which is of course the reason why everyone instantly succumbs to her and (view spoiler)


Okay, I'm sorry, but right now I can't round it up to 4 stars here. You either write paranormal and stand by it or not. It wasn't believable enough for me and seemed rather like an easy way out to explain all the cheating here.

3.5 stars

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