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Review: Enough Time: Truth. Redemption. Trust.

Enough Time: Truth. Redemption. Trust. Enough Time: Truth. Redemption. Trust. by Alexis Riddley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If you are not into the twisted and dark, just skip the first book. The sequel gives enough information about the happenings of the first, that you can easily read this one without the first and you'll probably - if you're not in need of erotica - give this one a five star rating.


When the first book was too dark and twisted for you, you will love this "pulling-your-heartstrings", "50-shades-of-grey-ish-but-without-the-kink" sequel.... but you probably won't buy it, just because of the first.
If you are expecting to get the same as in the first part, you'll be utterly disappointed.
Needless to say that I was and still am.

Winston's self-tormenting, and suddenly vanished mourning as he meets Kacie and their dancing around each other before somewhat suddenly confessing that they have feelings for each other was not what I wanted to read.
And the short trips into the erotic genre were exactly that: brief. (view spoiler). Why wasn't that more explored?
With that the book broke my major rule: erotica only. Which made me want to angrily lash out and give this book only two stars. But that wouldn't be just.

What I truly liked about that book was - apart from the pace being unbalanced - the wonderfully narrated development of Winston's character, his coming to terms with himself and his eventual healing.
The writing style is very good and easy to read. I just hope Ms. Riddley finds an editor (as in the classical sense) who will help her find a better pacing and less perfect coincidences. She could be a brilliant author.
This book was an emotional roller coaster and I caught myself often enough feeling for and with Winston. It was just a bit too cheesy for me as well.
Sadly, Winston's and Kacie's voices were too similar and for me, personally, the book would have been more intriguing if it had been Winston's voice only.

three star rating

Although technically improved the story itself was a let down for me, which is why I see myself giving the sequel a slightly lower rating than it's predecessor.

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