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Review: Enough Secrets: Lies. Lust. Deceit

Enough Secrets: Lies. Lust. Deceit Enough Secrets: Lies. Lust. Deceit by Alexis Riddley
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Enough Secrets is one of those books that would have been beyond perfection if the author would have had an editor by her side. And with editor I don't mean a better proof-reader as many in the indie genre misunderstand, but a consultant in story development. That one person that takes the creation of an author that is a raw diamond and cuts it to perfection.
What we got here with Alis Riddley's first book is a raw diamond, and although I understand the decisions that have been made in regards of the plot, it's exactly the outlined plot that made me take away 1.5 stars.

It took me far too long to make sense of the story and every time I thought I had something confused me again.
This story is amazing dark, twisted and brutal and it allows the reader to watch the protagonists tumble and dance into their own destruction. It's like watching moths dancing around the open flame of a candle but them knowing that it's their certain death while they cannot tear themselves away from it.
This is Alex Riddley's writing style. In that moment without the confusions, it was emotional and vivid, sucking you right into the souls of the narrators.

That's why it's even more devastating for me that the strategy of this book ruins most of the experience. It appears unstructured and only made sense to m when I had finished it. The chaos of the story line the jumping back and forth in time made this read very frustrating.
It would have been so easy to introduce a time jump with something like "four years ago.
Also the sudden POV switch from one character to another almost two thirds into the story was confusing for me. It would have been better if it had happened earlier and at least two times, because as it turned out that specific character was the true main character of the book.
It was an interesting idea to set up the storyline like that, but the execution wasn't good.

I can't bring myself to round up my 3.5 stars to four because, although due to the writing style it was an easy read, the plot made it difficult to truly enjoy it.

3.5 stars
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