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Review: Kitten's Punishment

Kitten's Punishment Kitten's Punishment by Evelyn Bliss
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

literal porn

Unfortunately my prayers haven't been heard. Also part three does not return to what I loved about the first installment. Again the reader is degraded to an unemotional bystander, watching what happens to Kitten as she clinically narrates her so called training.

What disappointed me most that a notably part of her interactions with now three men were simply summarized, which was a huge let-down to me. Also her distaste and dismissive thoughts about about these men didn't cause any arousal for me, as it probably was meant to be, because for some roleplay the shame that results from the disgust for the abuser and the shame about the positive reaction of the body is what can make sex that hot. But again this book failed to deliver.

Even worse, the narrative that tries to sound eloquent made me feel even more detached to the story and many descriptions resulted in me fighting my gag reflex (not the interaction itself, but descriptions in general).

But this book still deserves more than one star, yes, even more than two but I can't bring myself to round it up to three.
I guess if you are a guy you will love this one even more than the second because, as I said it is literal porn, and I absolutely respect that.
If I ignore the things that weren't appealing I have to pay my respects for the thoroughgoingness of the author, diving into various different and for some people provocative fantasies with this installment.

Unfortunately: I didn't like it, I didn't enjoy almost any of it. That is why it gets 2.5 stars - not rounded - from me.

two.five stars

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