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Freebies Dec 19th 2015

Always and Forever (Always and Forever)
by Lauren Crossley

Bethany is a twenty year old young woman who just wants to experience life in the same way that anyone else does. She longs for freedom and for an escape from her boring and predictable life. Her controlling father has always prevented her from experiencing the freedom she so ardently desires... Until now.
Bethany has always dreamt of escaping the never-ending dictatorship of her father but never thought her hopes for freedom would actually come true... until Jake.
Irresistibly handsome and fiercely protective over the fragile young girl he's just met, Jake is adamant that nothing will keep them apart. He soon becomes fixated on the idea of them being together and will stop at nothing to make it happen. The question is, will Jake's passionate and intense love for Bethany be enough to help her escape the clutches of her father's obsessive control? Or will their love be thwarted by something darker than either of them could ever imagine?
Bethany knows her father and the lengths that he will go to. He's a cruel and dangerous man who will share Bethany with no one. However, Jake is not to be underestimated. He hasn't always been the good man that he is today. Jake is desperate to keep Bethany in his life but he also wants to keep her safe from the darkness that surrounds him and his past, a past that continues to haunt him. The truth is, Jake has a secret. It's something dark and painful, something a girl from his past won't allow him to forget, no matter how hard he tries to make her disappear from his life.
Bethany quickly becomes the centre of his universe and Jake vehemently decides that he's not going anywhere without a fight. He needs this girl and he'll do anything and everything that he can to be with her and make her his.
It's love versus evil in this enthralling debut about first love, passion, obsession and jealousy.

KU: ☑

Ultimate LockDown
by Shannon Dobson

This is a thee book collection of all three LockDown books.

LockDown Synopsis-
That’s what Abigail Adams had been living. Since as early as she could remember she had been in the deepest darkest pits there was on this earth.
Finally having the courage to stand up against what she knows was wrong, finally escaping the abusive life she was living, she moves into the happiness and comfort of a happy home.
Tragedy strikes again and Abbi is left alone once more, her life in danger daily. After three years on the cold streets on London she is taken in by the Sexy, rich, intoxicating and intriguing Alpha male; Leighton Lock.
Can Leighton help fix Abigail, to mend her broken and scarred heart or will her life continue in the relentless spiral downwards?
With danger following Leighton at every turn, will he be able to protect both of them, can Leighton save Abbi before everything just becomes too much to handle.
Follow Abigail and Leighton as they begin this passionate, erotic and dangerous journey that will change both of their lives.

Total LockDown Synopsis-
They had it all. The life they could both ever want. They had someone to love, a beautiful child to cherish and a home full of friends and family.
But what happens when something, the most extreme of betrayals, rips your heart out? Do you fight or do you give in and surrender to defeat?
What happens when the past rears it's head and throws a curve ball your way?
Follow Abigail and Leighton as they struggle to deal with the aftermath of the deception and heartache thrown upon them.
Will they fight or will they fall?

Final LockDown Synopsis-
After tragedy strikes the Lock household once more, Leighton struggles to keep his feet on solid ground.
Decisions are to be made, decisions that aren't easy nor welcoming to some. Struggling with his own demons as well as fighting other people's is a tiresome role that Leighton cannot always bear.
Follow this last instalment in the LockDown series, full of love, danger, death and of course, a hot alpha with a strong appetite for sex.

KU: ☑

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