Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015

Freebie Oct. 17th Matter: Book One by Brittany Adams

Take two really messed up traits, put them together, and what do you get? Me, Lyric Ferguson, agoraphobic masochist. There's a reason I'm this way. But that reason doesn't matter right now because I've been kidnapped and left in the dark with a stranger, Nolan Kyrkos—sadist, assassin, and A-1, first-class dickhead.
Neither one of us knows where we are, or why. And when our kidnapper gives me a task to complete—a task that is physically impossible, I realize I'm screwed.
I'm going to die.
But then I find a note: a piece of paper with information on it about me and Nolan. Information that couldn't possibly be true. Because if it were, that would mean my whole life has been a lie.
And Nolan might not be a stranger after all.

**This book is recommended for mature readers, 18 and over, unaffected by triggers. Some scenes are graphic and may be considered disturbing.


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