Our minimum requirements

These are our minimum requirements
  • Availability: Your deal should be at least available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk
  • Booking: please heed the following definitions:
    • 99ct Sale: Your book should be discounted by at least $1
    • Bargain: novels or novellas with a regular price of 99ct; shorts are excluded!
    • FREE: Kindle Unlimited is per definition not free, since you pay a monthly fee
    • New Release: New Releases should be not older than 14 days. 99ct bargains are preferred.
    • Pre-order Promo: pre-order books are accepted if they are on sale for 99ct
    • Regular Promo: regular promos are welcome, but not free, unless they are Cover Reveals (see definition below)
  • ebook: the regular price and the promoted publication has to be kindle mobi only
  • Content: The content should be formatted decently and be error-free
  • Cover Design: The cover of your book should have a decent design
  • Cover Reveal: Cover Reveals are only accepted if they are available for pre-order
  • Format: We only promote kindle books!
  • Frequency: An author can only be promoted once per day, books: see below at Limited Time
  • Genre: your book has to be an Adult/Erotica genre book and contain explicit scenes. That being said we accept ALL Erotica subgenres, with a strong preference for: 
    • BdSM, 
    • Dark, 
    • Erotic Thriller
    • Horror, 
    • LGTB, 
    • Menage, 
    • MM, 
    • Paranormal, 
    • Taboo
    Following Romance genres will be accepted if not all slots have been filled by the previous sub genres:
    • Erotic Romance
    • New Adult
    • Romantic Suspense
    • Romantic Thriller
    Following Romance genres as listed below are not accepted:
    • Sports Romance
    • Rockstar Romance
    • Historical Romance
      Should you submit a book of said genres and pay for a guaranteed slot, your payment will not be refunded! 
  • Length/ Pagecount: We accept novels, novellas, and novelettes. shorts (per our definition) are excluded
    • below 60 pages: short
    • 60 -79 pages: novelette
    • 80-150 pages: novella
    • 150+ novel
  • Limited Time: Your last submission of the same book should be at least 60 days ago, and should last not longer than seven days. (Pre-Oder/NewRelease are an exception, but they need to be at least one week apart. Any other combination will not be accepted)
  • Rating: The overall rating on Amazon and Goodreads should be higher than 3.5.
  • Ratio: The ratio between page count and book price should be reasonable. 
  • Quality: We understand that as indie authors paying an editor and a good cover designer might be a hard , but we still have to ask you for a readable quality of your book.
  • Regular Price (printed edition): You are not allowed to use the price of your paperback or other printed edition as a regular price.
  • Reviews: Though we accept books without any reviews, if you have reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, we will check them
Even though your publication meets all these requirements, we might not accept your submission. However, we might suggest a different day or time slot.
Should we find out that you use the price of the print as your regular price, you will be blacklisted from our newsletter service.

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