Our mission is bringing indie authors an readers of the erotic/ adult genres together. For us, this includes our daily newsletter, our eight Facebook online events a year, and other projects and services.
By supporting our work financially, we happily give you a very special treatment in return! Click on the image to be forwarded to the monthly payment.

Pledge a monthly amount to us on Patreon, and you will never miss out on a opportunity to reach your main reader target group!

Never miss out on one of our events on Facebook again! Pledge $3 a month and get a guaranteed slot on six events a year! Please be advised: you still have to make your pick through our booking form, and you will only be eligible for a guaranteed slot after two successful payments. The money for your slot is used to fund a grand prize, which active event guests can win at the end of the event!

Pledge $5 a month and get unlimited promotional shout outs in our newletter, on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!Your submission still has to meet our minimum requirementsBook your slot here.
We have a current combined reach of about close to 14,000!

For only $10 a month you get both the above tiers in combination. Including a monthly Spotlight, promoting one of our pages (Facebook, Twitter, homepage, Amazon). We will also be listing your events in our events list!

Need an editorial review to polish your book page on Amazon? We can help. 
For $15 a month we will purchase an ecopy of your book and write a review, which will contain parts that are eligible to quote on your product page. Your review will be posted on Goodreads and our blogs, including a rating.

Would you like some reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads? Depending on the price of your book we guarantee one purchase and one KU lending (if applicable) and at least two Amazon reviews for only $20. The rest is up to your cover and blurb, and whether you gift a copy, use instafreebie, or send straight to device.

Worried that your promotion doesn't get spread wide enough? Get access to our ever growing database of bloggers by sending us the promotion you want us to share for only $25. This access is limited to three times (review, cover reveal, release day). We have currently more than 600 direct contacts and growing, giving you potentially 4.5 +million views. We can filter the contacts you already have to avoid double emails.

You need a little help with growing your Social media presence? For only $30 a month we will motivate people to follow you on Twitter and like your Facebook page. This includes the Social Media ShoutOut !

You need a little help with promoting your book? For only $35 a month we will spread the news on Facebook and Twitter with the help of our partners. This includes the Social Media ShoutOut. About 10 groups and 5 tweets from different accounts a day!

Want to reach more bloggers and reviewers? About 25% of our 800+ contacts do not wished to be addressed via email. For $50 a month we contact those blogs personally on your behalf. Additionally to the email we send for you.

You need real help with promoting your book? For only $60 a month we will spread the news on Facebook and Twitter with the help of our partners. This includes the Social Media ShoutOut. About 25 groups and 10 tweets from different accounts every day!

You want it all? You can have it! For only $125 a month you get the Very Important Package plus the Editorial Review, the Masterlist Access and the Social Media Boost.

You want more? We can get you more! With pledging $250 a month we will get out the big guns and  work tirelessly on bringing your SALE to the world, using big promo newsletter and social media leaders. 
Please be aware that the success of this promo is not exclusively connected to our work. Cover, blurb, reviews, and other criteria have also a stark influence!

Would you like to acquire these services only once? Please contact us personally via eroticaafterdark (at) Please be advised that in this case we will be charging an additional processing fee of 10% or at least $5

Missing one of our former promo packages? We are still offering. Please contact is directly via eroticaafterdark[at]gmail[dot]com.

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